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Company: XPLANE, Portland, OR
Company Description: XPLANE is an information design consultancy that drives results for many of the world’s leading corporations by clarifying complex business issues through visual collaboration. With an innovative methodology, XPLANE is unique in how it applies left and right-brained approaches to develop fresh solutions to clients’ challenging problems.
Nomination Category: Advertising/Design Craft & Technique Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Animation/Illustration

Nomination Title: Website Named Desire

The date on which this nominated animation/illustration was first run, aired, or otherwise made public:

May 22, 2008

Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words):

Microsoft needed to prove its capabilities in web development in order to build
credibility in a market dominated by other players. The final deliverable, “A
Website Named Desire”, is a 33×25” full-color poster created by XPLANE and
Microsoft. Microsoft is using the poster in a variety of ways, including via an
interactive website where, among other
things, visitors have the opportunity to interact with the poster and purchase a
copy. “A Website Named Desire” is also shared at trade shows and other industry
events. The piece has been well received both internally at Microsoft and with

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry: Advertising Agency/City: Client: Art Director: Cinematographer: Creative Director: Designer: Director: Illustrator/City: Music Producer/City: Photographer/City: Printer/City: Producer: Production Company/City: Programmer: Writer: Web Development Firm/City:

Information Design Company: XPLANE
Creative Director: Matt Adams
Consultant: Dorothy Brown
Designer: Jason Robards
Illustrator: Chris Roettger