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Company: WeSeed, Chicago IL
Entry Submitted By: The Millionaire Zone
Company Description: WeSeed’s mission is to teach Americans the stock market through their everyday lives - their passions, their careers, and the brands they know and love. We do it through a unique search tool that delivers stock ideas based on a user's personal interests; interactive education; social networking; and a virtual trading platform to‘test-drive’ stock buying in a safe, risk-free environment.
Nomination Category: Web Site & Blog Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Financial Services

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December 8, 2008 (public launch)

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Our big idea is simple – you know more than you think. Basically, you do three
simple things on WeSeed:

1.            Get stock ideas based on what you know and love (Example: someone who
loves movies might check out companies such as Time Warner, Netflix, or Lions
Gate Entertainment)

2.            Learn from others in the community, through forums ("buzz") and

3.            Practice investing in a risk- and stress-free environment.

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PEAK6 Energie (in-house)