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Company: Web Advanced, Irvine, CA
Company Description: Web Advanced is a full-service digital agency that specializes in building effective brands and enabling organizations to grow online. Our heritage in user centered design and software development is combined with a "business minded approach" which has made it possible for Web Advanced to deliver no-compromise, digital experiences that generate demand and loyalty for our client's brands.
Nomination Category: Website Awards & Blog Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Non-Profit Organizations

Nomination Title: University of California, Riverside - Promise Campaign Web Site

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        UC, Riverside faced a major challenge in trying to upgrade their outdated brand
image to one that was reflective of the innovative research being carried on
within the school and their distinguished faculty.

        To change and enhance perceptions of the UCR brand, we coupled innovative
photography and  interactive elements to increase visual impact that personified
the essence of their brand.  Also, we presented the pillars of UCR's research in
a way that broke from conventional, academic approaches. This was accomplished
through interactive navigation and storytelling that brought the human element
by talking about the scientists performing this work.

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Andrew McLendon, Chief Creative Officer, Web Advanced
Adam Bonner, Chief Technology Officer, Web Advanced
Jonathan Orosco, Senior Project Manager, Web Advanced
Mike Mata, CEO, Web Advanced
Jon Masciana, Director of Web Development, UC Riverside
Margene Mastin-Schepps, Director of Marketing, UC Riverside