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USANA Health Sciences

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Company: USANA Health Sciences, Salt Lake City, Utah
Company Description: USANA Health Sciences develops and manufactures high-quality nutritionals, personal care, and weight management products that are sold directly to Preferred Customers and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Tradeshow or Convention

Nomination Title: USANA Health Sciences International Convention

1. The date on which this nominated production was presented:

August 27-30, 2008

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USANA Health Sciences develops science-based nutritional, personal-care and
weight management products that are sold through network marketing. Every year,
USANA Associates from around the world travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, to
attend USANA’s International Convention.

USANA’s objectives for its convention are to energize the business by
motivating and training attendees, launching new or updated products and
services, recognizing outstanding achievements and providing an entertaining
weekend for all. In 2008, the convention centered on the theme of “Changing
Lives” and aimed to inspire Associates in a number of ways:

o Keynote Speakers: Speakers included best-selling authors Robert
Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer and Denis Waitley along with former Olympic
athletes, such as gold medal winner and WNBA star Jennifer Azzi and gold medal
speed skating champion, Derek Parra.
o Music: Original songs, written and produced by USANA, were performed
live throughout the event.
o Entertainment: In addition to an ongoing lineup of speakers, country
music superstar Collin Raye, American Idol contestants David Osmond and JB
Afhua, Santana’s Leon Patillo, and dancers from MTV’s “America’s Best Dance
Crew” performed. The Flying Ace All-Stars, a group of world-class trampoline
acrobats, performed and gave away T-shirts and signed autographs. A climbing
wall was erected in conjunction with a new product launch. A live band
performed during the awards ceremony, and a live performance artist created a
6’x 8’ painting to unveil the top award winners.
o Talk Show: One general session featured a unique talk show format,
which included a live band, “Man on the Street” style interviews, and custom
graphics and video.
o Videos: USANA created over 60 custom videos including the opening,
comedic spoofs, an animated logo loop, the introduction of both the company’s
newest product and another for major enhancements to the company’s compensation
plan. Many others were also created for entertainment and education.
o New Product Launch: To announce its new energy drink—Rev3 Energy™—USANA
created special skits for on-stage, which were used in conjunction with a video
featuring Fast Motion, a renowned Canadian stunt group. An original song and
choreographed dance were performed live. Special effects, including
pyrotechnics, custom props and lighting effects were also used.
o Stage Set and Audiovisual Equipment: USANA implemented a 38’H x 110’W x
47’D stage set with 235 rigging points, 1,300 feet of truss, 400 light fixtures
and 120 moving lights. The set was changed for each of the six sessions and
between speakers. USANA also used six video screens—two with closed captioning.
o Live Simultaneous Translation: All presentations were simultaneously
translated into five languages as well as American Sign Language.
o USANAfest: An outdoor welcome party raised money for charity while
guests were entertained with a variety of activities. A mobile stage and video
wall were used for a performance by a live band composed of USANA executives.
Collin Raye also performed.
o Breakout Training Sessions: Forty-four training sessions were offered
to educate Associates about USANA’s products, compensation plan enhancements
and other innovative ways to build their home-based businesses.,5143,700254577,00.html

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The USANA International Convention 2008 was produced and directed by USANA
Studios, the event, video and audio production department of USANA Health
Sciences, Inc. Executive producers were Kevin Guest and Shawn McLelland and
the Event Director was Brad Jensen.