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Telerik, Waltham, MA

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Telerik, Waltham, MA
Company Description: Telerik is a provider of end-to-end solutions for app dev, testing, agile project management, reporting and CMS. It's software development products enable organizations of all sizes to generate tangible productivity gains, reduce time-to-market and stay on time and budget. With thousands of users in 90+ countries, Telerik’s customers include Fortune 2000, academics, government and non-profits.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Content Management Solution

Nomination Title: Telerik's Sitefinity

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 525 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and performance to date:

Sitefinity, a division of Telerik, empowers businesses to deliver personalized, responsive web experiences which engage, convert and retain customers. Sitefinity is the most modern .NET web content management platform available on the market today. Developers and designers alike can create applications on Sitefinity using the latest technologies such as responsive design and ASP.NET MVC.

Online business professionals and marketers appreciate Sitefinity’s focus on ease-of-use, end-user adoption and metrics-based improvement. It is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide including Toshiba, Sony, HTC, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Toyota, LG, Philips, Chevron, Honda, Gap and more. 

With its latest release – Sitefinity 5.2, Telerik offers the ability to target different audiences through personalization or multi-site management, helping to deliver a platform that equips organizations with the tools needed to run effective websites.


According to Gartner, those in pursuit of online channel optimization should, “adopt optimization technologies aggressively, especially testing, navigation improvements and high-level personalizations/contextualizations.”  At the same time, personalization often is an underutilized resource due to its complex nature.

Many CMS vendors only enable trivial changes to web content, such as banner ads.  However, Sitefinity enables content creators to reshape the entire page and offers a rich language for describing audiences and impersonating each audience’s unique user experience. Furthermore, it strategically targets the three complications with personalization adoption – identification, transformation and testing. 

Multi-Site Management

Multi-site management is rooted in resource reuse. However, the resources that get reused can vary dramatically – users, templates, content, infrastructure, tools and more. Without multi-site management, these resources would need to be manually copied and synchronized across sites.

With Sitefinity’s multi-site management capabilities, organizations can:

• Create multiple web sites within a single instance of Sitefinity
• Implement controlled permissions for site and resource access
• Engage in a variety of resource sharing options
• Easily toggle between sites

Sitefinity also helps organizations manage the complexity associated with maintaining different experiences for different audiences by enabling the ability to reuse content and test the resulting experiences.  The result is a higher adoption of personalization capabilities for a better overall customer experience.

Additional capabilities of note include:

• The UI can be configured and adapted to each user/role. It also includes contextual help and video tutorials.
• Content personalization allows users to serve different content to different audiences.
• A unique page layout builder allows users to build a page structure by dragging, dropping and resizing rows and columns. CSS and HTML skills are not required.
• An inline editing CMS enabling users to create/edit content directly through a ‘Word-like’ authoring environment.
• SEO tools enable users to edit URLs, page names, titles, descriptions, keywords and alternative tags for images. Sitefinity also enables the ability to quickly create individual landing pages that target strategic keywords.
• An integrated analytics module that gives an overview of website activity through various reports that track visitors, traffic sources and content trends.

Sitefinity enables the development of engaging websites that deliver an exceptional customer experience.  With an intuitive UI, content personalization, business-level content authoring, search engine optimization, integrated analytics and more, Sitefinity comes packed with all of the features needed to successfully present and manage a business online.

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Martin Kirov is executive vice president with Sitefinity, the CMS division of Telerik. In his role, Kirov built the Sitefinity sales and marketing organization from the ground up, playing a pivotal role in establishing the internal processes necessary to maintain Sitefinity’s rapid growth across geographies and markets. Today Kirov is focused on the development of the entire Sitefinity business, providing the resources and guidance necessary for successful business execution. Building the Sitefinity business has provided Kirov with invaluable knowledge about how each role of the enterprise operates on a tactical level, making it possible to contribute ideas that produce better results. It has also given him a keen understanding of the customer, something that has led to the closing of many Global 2000 deals.