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Company: SPK Productions, Greenwich, CT
Company Description: SPK Productions is an independent film company whose mission is to produce for its clients and viewers documentaries, short films and corporate videos that meet the highest production standards in the industry. SPK and its Founder, Thurston Smith, have received more than 70 awards in recognition of the high quality and uncompromising professional standards that they employ in their work.
Nomination Category: Video and Film Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales: Other

Nomination Title: St. Raymond: Spirit

The date on which this nominated production was first distributed or otherwise made public:

April 30th, 2009

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“St. Raymond: Spirit” is a new recruiting video for St. Raymond High School for
Boys in the Bronx, NY.  Its purpose is to reach out to 8th grade boys and excite
them about the strong values and spirit that St. Raymond will offer to them.

This short video was produced and edited with a new cotemporary paced editing
format while the students and faculty members tell the story.  There are 13
separate video layers, several multiple split screens and over 1,000 edits.

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SPK Productions

Producer / Director: Thurston Smith
Editor: Thurston Smith

Music: DeWolfe