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Sentilla Corp.

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Company: Sentilla Corporation, Redwood City, CA
Entry Submitted By: Schwartz Communications
Company Description: Sentilla provides demand-side energy management solutions for data center and commercial facilities. Sentilla's platform analyzes energy use and waste at the equipment level to create actionable profiles of an organization's energy footprint. The resulting intelligence enables companies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions thereby dramatically lowering operating costs.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Computer Software - New Version

Nomination Title: Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers™

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With greenhouse gas emissions and the cost of energy on the rise, the need to
better manage energy usage has never been more important. More and more
companies are looking to increase the efficiency of their facilities while
reducing the impact on the environment. A common problem in reducing energy
usage in facilities such as data centers and corporate buildings, is knowing
precisely where and when power is being consumed and wasted.

The Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers™, released in late January 2009,
was developed as an energy management solution to analyze energy use and waste
at the equipment level to create actionable profiles of an organization’s energy
footprint. The resulting intelligence enables companies to reduce energy
consumption, decrease carbon emissions and dramatically lower operating costs.
For example, in a data center, over 80% of the workload is being done by only
20% of the servers. Having detailed insight into how energy is used is the key
to eliminating energy waste. 

The Sentilla Energy Manager addresses this issue by monitoring energy
consumption directly at the source to provide detailed analysis of the power
profile of IT equipment, such as in a data center, enabling managers and IT
staff to better measure, manage, and act on power consumption, increase energy
efficiency and lower operating costs to improve business performance.

The core of Sentilla's unique solution lies in the software’s analytic
capabilities, which feature a user interface that harvests energy information in
two ways: by collecting data with it’s own technology—a series of tiny
microprocessors embedded in intelligent power strips—that measures energy
consumption at the equipment level (e.g. at the server); also, by integrating
the data provided by third party hardware products such as H/VAC or UPS
monitoring devices that are already installed. By incorporating all of the
energy information from these various sources in one single view, the Sentilla
Energy Manager becomes the centralized repository for power information in the
data center or commercial facility.

The centralized information is then analyzed to generate an actionable profile
of energy use, giving users insight into real-world conditions directly at the
source of power activity, change or consumption. For example, the Sentilla
Energy Manager wirelessly transmits data from each piece of equipment back into
the remote management system and alerts the user to where and when the load is
peaking. Remotely powering down or turning off unused devices enables better
workload management and reduced energy consumption anywhere from 10 to 20%,
which can translate into millions of dollars in savings in operating costs
annually. This problem is not unique to data centers, in fact, unused and idle
equipment in all buildings can contribute to over 50% of their energy usage.

By remotely managing individual pieces of equipment, Sentilla not only powers
down equipment, but also automates power management profiles, redistributes load
and shifts work to off-peak times. By bridging the gap between physical
infrastructure and all of the software tools that manage not just a data center
but also massive commercial facilities, the Sentilla Energy Manager takes back
control to slash energy waste and reduce carbon emissions.

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Sentilla Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Joe Polastre pioneered
physical computing, where information from the physical world is gathered,
processed, and acted upon while at University of California, Berkeley. He
deployed the first and largest applications, and is largely responsible for
architecting the software technology used in the Sentilla Energy Manager.