PureEnergy Solutions

ABA10 WinnerCompany: PureEnergy Solutions
Company Description: PureEnergy Solutions is the source for complete, convenient and reliable wire-free power platforms and rechargeable alkaline batteries.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Consumer Products

Nomination Title: PureEnergy Solutions' WildCharge Bundle for iPhone

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In 2009, PureEnergy Solutions introduced the “WildCharge Bundle for iPhone,” the
first commercially available wire-free charging solution for the wildly popular
Apple iPhone. Compatible with all 3 generations of the iPhone and bearing
Apple’s “Works with iPhone” logo, the Bundle consists of a WildCharge Pad and
WildCharge Skin for iPhone. Ultra thin and lightweight, the WildCharge Pad
delivers safe and immediate power to up to five WildCharge-enabled mobile
devices of varying power demands, eliminating the need for multiple power
adapters. The WildCharge Skin for iPhone is a durable and protective
form-fitting urethane case that protects the iPhone while enabling wire-free
charging via WildCharge technology embedded in the back of the skin. Incredibly
easy to use, simply slip the WildCharge Skin on the iPhone and drop it on the
WildCharge Pad to receive immediate, full power on contact, regardless of the
device’s placement or orientation on the charging surface. While charging, all
hands free features of the iPhone are fully operational.

Consumers can rest easy when purchasing the WildCharge Bundle for iPhone, as the
system is not only convenient, but also completely safe. Unlike other wire-free
charging solutions, our conductive technology uses no electromagnetic fields.
Our intuitive pad only delivers power to WildCharge-enabled devices and will
shut off if it comes in contact with a foreign substance such as metal or
liquid. Simply remove the substance or wipe up the liquid and the pad will
resume normal operation immediately.

Beyond offering a wire-free solution for the iPhone, PureEnergy Solutions offers
many additional WildCharge adapters that enable wire-free charging for well over
one thousand different mobile devices, including but not limited to: gaming
devices, GPS units, eReaders, MP3 players and handsets from industry leaders
such as RIM, Nokia, LG and Motorola, which further reinforces the practicality
and value of the WildCharge Pad and the WildCharge Skin for iPhone.

The WildCharge Skin for iPhone is currently available in black, as well as a
special edition pink skin that benefits The Zinnia Foundation, which provides
support for individuals and families coping with a life threatening illness.

PureEnergy Solutions’ WildCharge Bundle for iPhone is sold on the company’s
website and in nearly one hundred different countries around the world through
partners,including a Fortune 500 company, who private label the product.

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Press Releases: http://www.shoppureenergy.com/pr-iphoneandtouch/

Laptop Magazine:

PC World:

Popular Mechanics: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/4342022

Wired Magazine:

New York Times:

CNET.com: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-3504_7-10270989-14.html

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The PureEnergy Solutions management team is comprised of seasoned technology
executives. Dennis Grant, chairman & CEO, was the CEO of DML Computers and CEO
of HighGround Systems, a storage software company acquired by Sun Microsystems.
George Holmes, SVP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, has over 25 years executive
management leadership, including positions with Powercast Corporation and as
co-founder of aAgave Solutions. Mitch Randall, founder & CTO has over 20 years
of technology and research experience and a number of patents to his credit.
Richard Mohr,CFO, was previously with Intermap Technologies, where he held the
roles of senior vice president, CFO and secretary.