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PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants

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Company: PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants, The Woodlands, TX
Company Description: PetRays is the recognized leader in veterinary telemedicine services. The telemedicine services offered by PetRays are specifically designed to help veterinarians improve the speed and quality of animal healthcare.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Services

Nomination Title: PetRays Image Vault

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        Imagine taking your critically ill or injured pet to your local veterinary
emergency center for treatment to learn that valuable x-ray data from your
prior visit is lost due to a computer crash and that those prior images are
necessary to allow for the best treatment of your beloved pet.  This is exactly
what can and has happened to many veterinary clinics and pet owners.  Data
redundancy and security is critical to ensure the highest level of medical care.

        In 2010, PetRays launched a new service to the veterinary market.  PetRays
launched the PetRays Image Vault.  For several years now veterinary clinics
have been upgrading their current traditional x-ray systems to the newer
digital systems.  The digital systems take and store the patient x-rays as
digital images rather than the traditional x-ray film that most people are
accustomed to seeing. 

        With electronic image storage comes the need for redundant back up of the
images in the event there is a computer or hard drive failure.  Many human
clinics and hospitals are too familiar with data loss and the consequences that
result.  The veterinary market is largely unregulated compared to the human
market.  As a result, there are not many archive options or disaster recovery
storage options for the veterinary market that are affordable and readily
available.  PetRays has stepped in to help fulfill this much needed and
scarcely available service for the veterinary market.

        PetRays provides services to over 5000 veterinarians world wide.  These clinics
all need a form of data storage or back-up to protect the medical records of
their patients.  It is important that x-rays be available for years, both by
various state laws as well as for the improvement of animal care.  Often times
it is imperative that a radiologist reading current x-rays have the prior x-
rays available for comparison. 

        PetRays Image Vault is a state of the art image archive that is located in an
SAS 70 co-location facility that has virtually unlimited expansion capacity. 
This Image Vault allows all of PetRays’ customers who choose to archive their
data to do so with PetRays.  Non PetRays customers are also encouraged to back
up their data with PetRays as well, and many do.

        With PetRays Image Vault, clinics that use the service never have to worry
about loosing their valuable medical images.  Not only does PetRays store the
data, but PetRays also backs up the data to a second location for an extra
level of security.  This is essentially the Gold Standard for human medical
images.  PetRays now brings this level of security and safety to the veterinary
industry as well.

        Furthermore, PetRays stores the data as non-proprietary images so that any
customer who needs to retrieve their images can do so very easily.

        If a pet owner does take their beloved pet to their local veterinary emergency
clinic or local veterinarian, if the data is stored offsite as emergency back-
up, PetRays Image Vault can get all data recovered in a few weeks in most
cases.  However, our proprietary system will allow restoration of a single
patient in a matter of minutes to ensure continuity of care.   PetRays Image
Vault is another service in the PetRays line that is dedicated to helping
veterinarians world wide provide better care to the animals they treat every

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        Image Arcvie sister program PetRays DICOM Sender wins People's Choice Award

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        Melissa Fields Tugwell: PetRays co-founder.  Most recently, she was awarded
Best Young Entrepreneur at the 2009 Stevie’s for Women in Business and 2010
Stevie winner for Sales Director of the Year and the 2010 Sales and Customer
Service Awards.

Pomeroy Smith:  10 years experience in telemedicine.  Serves as the company's

Frank Powell, MD:  PetRays board member and co-founder.

Anne Bahr , DVM:  Chief Radiologist and Chief Medical Officer for PetRays. 

Joe Casarez:  IT manager, PetRays