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PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants

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Company: PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants, The Woodlands, TX
Company Description: PetRays is the recognized leader in veterinary telemedicine services. The telemedicine services offered by PetRays are specifically designed to help veterinarians improve the speed and quality of animal healthcare.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Health Products & Services

Nomination Title: PetRays 30 Minute STAT Service

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        PetRays Veterinary Telemedicine Consultants (PetRays) makes Board Certified
Veterinary Specialists available to virtually every veterinary practice world
wide. PetRays was founded in 2006 with the mission of providing high quality
healthcare to animals and domestic pets in a timely manner and with a great
sense of urgency.

        In 2008, PetRays provided a priority level of service that would essentially
guarantee a specialist consultation delivered to the referring clinic in one
hour or less.  Through multiple surveys and customer feedback in 2008-2009, it
was clear that a new service was necessary to meet the demands of the
veterinary industry and, more specifically, the PetRays clients.    In 2010,
PetRays made the new 30 minute STAT service available for those clinics that
needed results in real time.  The clinic that requests this high priority
handling is charged a nominal fee to ensure its priority processing.

        The typical client that chooses this is a clinic that has an animal under
anesthesia and needs immediate results or an emergency clinic that may be
treating a critically ill domestic pet, livestock, thoroughbred race horse, or
even an ill stricken seeing guide dog for the blind.  Since the introduction of
this service, PetRays has experienced approximately 18% of all consults being
ordered with STAT priority.

        The STAT service has proven essential in many instances in helping
veterinarians make life saving treatment decisions that simply could not have
been made prior to the implementation and availability of this invaluable
service.  This STAT service and handling of consults allows domestic pets to be
seen and treated with the same level of skill and with the same sense of
urgency as the companion pet’s human owner would receive at the local community
hospital.  This STAT service further helps PetRays strive to achieve its
previously stated mission.

        While competitors in the veterinary telemedicine market offer “STAT” service,
the competition does not offer it a 30 minute turnaround.  In human trauma
centers, trauma patients are processed and treated with the greatest sense of
urgency as “The Golden Hour” is well known to be the short window of
opportunity to save lives and make a positive impact on patients who have
immediately life threatening injuries.  “The Golden Hour” applies to
immediately life threatening injuries to domestic pets as well.  Therefore, the
30 minute turnaround time is not only a valuable service, but may be the
critical step in treating a pet owners injured “best friend” in time to make a
positive impact and help achieve a positive outcome.

        Anyone who has ever lost a loving pet understands the importance of this
invaluable service that PetRays makes available to virtually every veterinarian
world wide who chooses to make PetRays a part of their team.  Every PetRays
employee is also a pet owner.  The PetRays team processes every STAT request
with the greatest sense of urgency and treats these animals as if each was one
of our own personal pets.

        In summary, PetRays STAT service saves lives and only nominally increases the
cost of healthcare.

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        PetRays wins people's choice award for STAT service

        PetRays 30 Minute STAT Servie wins Stevie Award at 2010 Women's Business Awards

        Trauma's Golden Hour (for review of concept)

        Goldern Hour or Golden Oportunity?

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        Melissa Fields Tugwell: PetRays co-founder.  Most recently, she was awarded
Best Young Entrepreneur at the 2009 Stevie’s for Women in Business and 2010
Stevie winner for Sales Director of the Year and the 2010 Sales and Customer
Service Awards.

Pomeroy Smith:  10 years experience in telemedicine.  Serves as the company's

Frank Powell, MD:  PetRays board member and co-founder.

Anne Bahr , DVM:  Chief Radiologist and Chief Medical Officer for PetRays.