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Peel, Mountain View, CA

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Peel, Mountain View, CA
Company Description: Peel has developed the Peel app which turns your smart phone or tablet into a smart remote control. Now you can control your TV, DVR and set top box, get personalized recommendations, set reminders and engage with TV fans on social media all with one smart app. Peel is preloaded on most Samsung and HTC smartphones and tablets and has over 90 million users and manages 3 billion remote commands a month
Nomination Category: App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Integrated Mobile Experience

Nomination Title: Peel Smart Remote App

1. The date on which this nominated app was first distributed or otherwise made public:

The Peel smartphone app was first launched May 2013.

2. Briefly describe this app’s objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 125 words). Include here the platforms your app supports:

Peel is designed to turn your Android smart phone or tablet into a universal remote to control your TV, DVR, set top box, etc. It also provides you with personalized recommendations based on your TV preferences and usage. It allows you to engage with TV show fans in real time on social media such as Twitter.

The app is preloaded on most Samsung and HTC smart phones and tablets and can be found under such app names as WatchOn, TV, SenseTV and Peel depending on device.

The remote works with 98 percent of all consumer electronics, including 3,500 brands of TV and 600 set top boxes. It includes programming guides for 110 countries or 90% of the global market. Over 90 million activations to date.

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App was produced by employees of Peel Technologies.