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Company: Nike, Beaverton, OR
Entry Submitted by: Off Madison Ave
Company Description: The Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program, part of Nike’s Considered design ethos, was launched in 1990 to grind and reuse old athletic shoes in sport and playground surfaces in communities worldwide. Nike came to Off Madison Ave to assist in creating strategic messaging for their B2B and B2C consumers, and form a unique online brand identity for the smaller program and increase the program’s presence online.
Nomination Category: Web Site & Blog Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Consumer Products - Durables

Nomination Title: Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Web Site

When was this site or blog first published?

October, 2008

Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words). Include here the URL of the nominated web site or blog. IMPORTANT: begin the URL with http://, and enclose the URL in square brackets - e.g., []:

A revamp of the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Web site was
completed and strategic messaging was created. The new site was optimized for
natural search to ensure high rankings for consumers looking for information,
but who do not associate shoe recycling with Nike. A social media listening
campaign was launched to fine tune messaging and ensure people think and talk
about the program accurately. Outposts were created for conversations happening
outside the site using social media tactics and listening for where discussions
occur. An email marketing program was also created to foster ongoing
conversation, including triggered email based on consumer actions.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

Doug Cholewa - Designer
Julie Ott - Art Director
Roger Hurni - Creative Director
Joseph Jaramillo - Lead Programmer
Sara Wachter-Boettcher - Writer
Off Madison Ave - Web Development Firm