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Moreover Technologies

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Company: Moreover Technologies, Reston, VA
Company Description: Moreover Technologies is a trusted aggregator of global news and social media. Through US and UK offices, the firm offers corporate customers worldwide unified portal access to 2.2 million news articles and social media posts from 2.2 million+ editorially vetted sources.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Media & Entertainment

Nomination Title: Moreover Technologies' Newsdesk 4

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        To conduct market intelligence, competitive intelligence and media monitoring
initiatives, companies are focusing more than ever on retrieving real-time
relevant news articles and social media posts. This is a very tricky balancing
act, requiring access to a far-reaching online repository and ability to filter
out irrelevant information quickly. Further, refined content must be easy to
share with targeted audiences.

        Achieving this balancing act reliably is Newsdesk 4’s chief objective. Released
in October 2010 by Moreover Technologies, an aggregation and media monitoring
company, Newsdesk 4 is
a redesigned business intelligence SaaS application featuring worldwide mining,
refining and sharing of real-time relevant information. Newsdesk 4 offers
unified portal access to 2.2 million daily news articles, social media posts
and industry publications from 2.2 million-plus editorially-vetted sources.

        In an independent review conducted by FreePint Research and
released last November, author Penny Crossland addressed
enhancements: “Newsdesk 4 uses new technology, an improved search engine and
incorporates several new features such as increased faceted search
capabilities, more filters to refine searches and analytical tools.”

        Newsdesk 4 won dual CODiE awards
media/aggregator/prweb5020834.htm in January 2011 for “Best Content
Aggregation Solution” and “Best Information Solution” from the Software &
Information Industry Association (SIIA), principal trade association for the
software and digital content industry.

        Partnerships involving Newsdesk 4 also are emerging. The Newsdesk 4 engine is
powering a unique UK news and social media intelligence service called Precise
partnership/prweb4977834.htm, offered by Precise, leading UK media
intelligence provider.

        Cubit Media Research, one of the Asia-Pacific region’s most experienced media
analysis providers, and Moreover Technologies are partnering to create Cubit-
Newsdesk, a first-ever multi-lingual
news and social media monitoring capability for the Asia-Pacific region.

        Summarized, Newsdesk 4 enhancements are:
•     All-new search engine offering new ways to find relevant content—
including faceted search and on-the- fly analysis (e.g., mentions of companies,
people, products, events and stock tickers). FreePint’s Crossland pointed out
that, “Newsdesk 4 is a powerful search tool, providing users with links to
global and authoritative sources on the web…numerous filters result in targeted
results—considerably more targeted than any Web search engine could produce…”;

        •     Ability of novices up to power users to quickly adapt to Newsdesk 4’s
intuitive dashboard. The FreePint report included such comments
as, “...attractive layout... easy to navigate. Despite a wealth of sources,
categories and search facilities, the portal does not feel overcrowded…”;

        •     Enhanced Alerting and Newsletter capabilities, and expanded feed export
options. Users can now edit and save highly customized templates, and include
such branding elements as logos;

        •     Unified portal search for both real-time news and social media reports.
FreePint’s Crossland noted that Newsdesk 4’s “social media coverage is
impressive…news coverage spans numerous industry sectors.”

        As Moreover migrates Newsdesk 3 clients to Newsdesk 4, interest among prospects
has been robust, with many taking advantage of Moreover’s two-week trial offer.
In addition, Moreover’s Enterprise Client group will shortly be announcing
agreements with select large global organizations for widespread integration of
Newsdesk 4, including single-sign-on access through their intranets.

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Newsdesk 4
Moreover Technologies
FreePint Review
CODiE Awards
Precise Profile partnership
Cubit-Newsdesk partnership


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        Paul Farrell is president and CEO of Moreover Technologies, Inc., a news and
social media aggregation and monitoring company. He has 30 years of management
and business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the
Internet, media and enterprise software industries. Paul has held executive
positions managing high-level client relationships at such companies as AOL and
is experienced at developing and leading effective multi-disciplinary teams. An
investor group led by Paul acquired Real-Time Publisher Services (now Moreover
Technologies) from VersiSign, Inc. in May 2009. Farrell’s team has transformed
technology, marketing, customer service and operations for multiple companies.