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Company: Lending Club, Sunnyvale, CA
Company Description: Lending Club is a social lending network that brings together investors and creditworthy borrowers to offer value beyond traditional banks. Borrowers can get personal loans from $1,000 to $25,000 at better interest rates than from conventional sources. Lenders invest in Lending Club's approved borrower members and spread their investment across tens or hundreds of qualified borrowers.
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Nomination Sub Category: Banking

Nomination Title: Lending Club

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May 2007

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Lending Club has become a clear alternative to borrowers looking for personal
loans at a better rate.  Long gone are the days when banks were the only source
of loans.  Now, any creditworthy borrower can submit a loan application and
appeal to friends, family and even strangers to fund his cause.  Borrowers enjoy
better rates than those obtained through traditional sources because there is no
middle man.

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