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Integrated Marketing Services

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Company: Integrated Marketing Services, El Segundo, CA
Company Description: Founded in 2000, Integrated Marketing Services is the full-service promotions agency within Advantage Sales & Marketing LLC specializing in shopper marketing, event marketing, technical brands, in-store demos, and more. From insights to execution, Integrated offers leading brands and retailers expertise specifically designed influence buyer behavior and drive sales.
Nomination Category: Video Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales: Service Sales

Nomination Title: Integrated Marketing Services Sales Video

    The date on which this nominated production was first distributed or otherwise made public:

        January 7, 2011

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        On January 1, ASM Campaigners merged with two sister companies, coming together
as Integrated Marketing Services. We brainstormed on the best way to announce
the rebranding, with the goal of creating a compelling and dynamic piece that
highlighted our unified services and could be tailored for individual client
pitches.  Working under tight budgets, the marketing team pulled together a
very polished sales video, - shot on a soundstage and featuring professional
actors – our first venture in this type of advertising.  The video aired at CES
2011 to overwhelming response and has already resulted in new business for the

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Mark K. Stutes: Director
Hans-Dieter Kopal: Producer
Becky Arkin: Executive Producer