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Informatica Corporation

ABA10 WinnerCompany: Informatica Corporation, Redwood City, CA
Company Description: Informatica delivers data integration software to solve a problem most large organizations face: the fragmentation of data across systems. With a 13-year track record of success, Informatica helps companies gain greater business value from their information assets by integrating their enterprise data. Informatica reduces costs, speeds time to results, and scales to handle projects of any size.
Nomination Category: Management Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Chairman of the Year

Nomination Title: Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

1. Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since January 1 2009 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Informatica’s CEO, Sohaib Abbasi has presided over 20 consecutive quarters of
record revenue growth, making the data integration leader one of the few
software businesses posting positive revenue growth in every quarter throughout
the current recession. As the recession kept its grip throughout 2009,
Informatica experienced 10% revenue and 20% non-GAAP net income growth, while
non-GAAP operating margins expanded 3% to an annual record 25%. Informatica’s
data integration message resonated with organizations worldwide and the customer
base grew to over 4,000 in April 2010. In Q4/09, revenues rose 21%, while Q1/10
revenues were up 24%.These results stem from Sohaib’s innovative vision for
enterprise data integration, broadening Informatica’s addressable market,
operational discipline, expansion geographically and most importantly
maintaining focus on customers at all times.

Sohaib’s market understanding propelled Informatica from its datawarehousing
roots in the 1990’s and early 2000’s into the forefront of the enterprise data
integration market. His vision of an all-inclusive integration platform meeting
the full range of evolving customer needs led to the 2009 introduction of
Informatica 9, the industry’s only comprehensive, unified and open data
integration platform, called “revolutionary” by industry pundits.
Envisioning “cloud” data integration led to a steady stream of pioneering
on-demand data integration services, culminating in the 2009 launch of
Informatica Cloud 9 - the industry’s most complete cloud integration platform -
cementing Informatica’s leadership in this fast-growing arena.

In addition to the organic growth that these and other innovative offerings are
helping to drive, Sohaib spearheaded five strategic acquisitions since 2009,
adding arrows to Informatica’s quiver like Complex Event Processing, Master Data
Management and Ultra Messaging - resulting in a much larger addressable market
for the company - from $11billion in the recent past to $40billion by 2013.

His watchwords “focus and accountability,” keep all employees focused on eight
corporate metrics:
1. Achieve Internal Financial Plan Targets
2. Expand across all Geographic Regions
3. Grow beyond Datawarehousing
4. Increase Market Share vs. Key Competitors
5. Advance Product Leadership
6. Improve Customer Satisfaction
7. Extend and Strengthen Partner Ecosystem
8. Attract and Retain World-class Employees

These goals are tracked carefully. Progression of each reported at each company
“All-hands” meeting, and rewarded generously when goals are achieved. He’s also
assembled a talented executive team, including three Stevie Award winners. He’s
also significantly expanded employee benefits, including educational/LMS
offerings helping employees develop their skills and grow with the company.
While driving Informatica’s strong growth, Sohaib also established a culture of
listening to and focusing on the customer. This has resulted in increased
customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that Informatica is essential to
customers’ productivity, competitiveness and innovation. He has also
successfully strengthened Informatica’s key business and technology
relationships to help deliver even higher value solutions, ensuring Informatica
offerings are technology-neutral and applicable to the widest range of customer
environments and use cases.

As other software companies falter or fade in the recession, Informatica has
continued to reach new heights in growth, shareholder value and market
influence, making Sohaib a strong candidate for Executive of the Year

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3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the nominee:

Sohaib Abbasi joined Informatica as President and CEO in July 2004. Under his
leadership, Informatica is now the largest independent leader in the data
integration software category. Fostering a culture of continuous innovation, he
has built on Informatica’s success in data integration and led Informatica into
new software markets.

Previously, he spent 20 years at Oracle Corporation where he was a member of
Oracle’s executive committee and, as SVP, led two major divisions, Oracle Tools
and Oracle Education. He graduated with honors from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign in 1980 (B.S. and an M.S degree in computer science).