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I Love Rewards

ABA10 WinnerCompany: I Love Rewards, Boston, MA
Company Description: I Love Rewards is the leader in results driven web-based rewards and recognition solutions. Top employers in choose I Love Rewards for our proven best practices in launching and sustaining successful, ROI-based programs. Our focus is to align employees to your company’s goals. Engaged and motivated employees drive the results most important to the success of your company.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Fastest-Growing Company of the Year - Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: I Love Rewards

1. Tell the story about what this nominated company achieved since January 1 2009 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes. Begin this section with the following two lines: Year over year revenue growth (%): Year over year employee growth (%):

I Love Rewards Growth Data:
Revenue growth- 92%
Employee growth- 48%
Site visit growth- 76%
Customer Acquisition- 119%
Number of reward redemptions- 652%
Series B Round led by GrandBanks Capital- $8.7M
Record growth in Q4 of 2009: 35% of year-to-date gross billings generated in Q4
alone, and 103% increase in gross billings for Q4 year-over-year.

I Love Rewards achieved the greatest growth during one of the most turbulent
economic times in history. While, the recession impacted many American
businesses, I Love Rewards continues to supersede, proving its solution to top
employers by teaching them how to engage their top performers in order to
increase revenue within their organization. At a time when companies are looking
to drive revenue generating and cost-saving activities from their employees, we
are providing metrics-based solutions that drive employee performance and

I Love Rewards rises above the competition because of the tools it offers to its
clients. I Love Rewards doesn’t solely sell products in a catalogue. It provides
the tools for organizations to effectively recognize their top performers and
provide meaningful rewards they can choose after accumulating recognition
through a points based currency. Clients are provided monthly newsletters on
best-practices, white papers and participate in events with world-class speakers
who discuss best practices in the workplace. Clients are confident in doing
business with I Love Rewards because we are a top employer ourselves and the
thought leader in rewards and recognition who has created a culture of
recognition with engaged top performers.

Employee rewards and recognition programs date back to the early 1900’s when
employees received rewards for their years of service with a company. Our
competitors still offer the same grandfather clocks and crystal vases to
companies that were used in the factory days. The opportunity to engage the new
worker is lost by companies who don’t recognize their employees from the start.
Our solution includes a brand name catalogue with every desirable product or
experience on the market. These products get employees aligned to their
organization because they know they are being rewarded for exceeding
expectations and doing a good job at work with items they truly want. Printed
catalogues are still being used which limits the continuous introduction of
products to uniquely fit each employees lifestyle. Our catalogue is robust and
changes daily in order to offer a better solution to our customers.

Awards won:
WorldBlu Most Democratic Workplaces 2009&2010 (2010 has not been released yet to
Your Workplace- Top Ten Places Where Employees Thrive
Rockstars@Work- Next Generation Employer of Choice
HRO Baker's Dozen- Recognizes outstanding reward and recognition providers
Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

2. List hyperlinks to any online news stories, press releases, or other documents that support the claims made in the section above. IMPORTANT: Begin each link with http://, and enclose each link in square brackets; for example, []:

3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader of this nominated company:

Razor Suleman is founder and CEO of I Love Rewards, a high-growth, web-based
rewards and recognition program provider. Under Razor’s leadership I Love
Rewards has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies and a
Top Employer for several years running. In 2007, Razor was named the BDC Young
Entrepreneur of the Year for his innovative vision and business acumen, and in
2009, Razor was named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

A serial entrepreneur, Razor started his first business at the age of 15,
importing and selling hockey cards. His second business venture was Razor’s
Edge, a campus branded apparel company that he ran out of his dorm room at
Wilfred Laurier University.

Inspired by the success of Razor’s Edge, Razor established I Love Rewards in
2002, an innovative online business model that revolutionized the way businesses
motivate employees and drive performance. Today, I Love Rewards works with Top
Employers across North America to launch and sustain successful, results-driven
rewards and recognition solutions.