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Haneke Design, Tampa, FL: PrayerBowls

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Haneke Design, Tampa, FL
Entry Submitted By: Common Language
Company Description: Haneke Design is an interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Haneke Design works with some of the world's leading brands and advertising agencies to deliver multi-platform, cross-device campaigns. Additionally, Haneke Design helps SMB and enterprise customers mobilize their web applications and web services.
Nomination Category: App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Lifestyle

Nomination Title: PrayerBowls

1. The date on which this nominated app was first distributed or otherwise made public:

September 12, 2013

2. Briefly describe this app’s objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 125 words). Include here the platforms your app supports:

The new app, available for iPhone and iPad, allows users to create their own custom prayer bowls for specific people or events, add lists of contacts for friends and family, assign prayers chosen from a database within the app, and share them on their social networks.

In addition to the PrayerBowls app’s social and sharing functionality, it also allows users to customize their bowls with embellishments, write prayer cards to keep in them, and then organize and sort the prayer cards to help keep track of them.

PrayerBowls was launched to realize the dreams of Karen Berry, a Tampa woman whose journey back to health from a debilitating illness was buoyed by a network of family, friends, and strangers who prayed for her recovery.

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Mobile design and development firm: Haneke Design/city: Tampa, FL

Client: Karen Berry, PrayerBowls/city: Tampa, FL