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Company: EffectiveUI, Denver, CO
Entry Submitted By: PointBlank Communications
Company Description: Founded in 2005, EffectiveUI is an award-winning user experience agency that specializes in the creation and implementation of custom Web, mobile and desktop and touch-enabled applications.
Nomination Category: Website Awards & Blog Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Aerospace & Defense

Nomination Title: Blue Angels

    When was this site or blog first published?

        April 26, 2011

    Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words). Include here the URL of the nominated web site or blog. IMPORTANT: begin the URL with http://, and enclose the URL in square brackets - e.g., []:

        The U.S. Navy Blue Angels collaborated with EffectiveUI and Microsoft to provide
a powerful online experience that taps into the excitement of a Blue Angels
flight demonstration. Each year, more than fourteen million spectators watch the
team’s live air shows. Now through a combination of HTML5 and Microsoft
Silverlight, far more can witness their thrilling flight demonstrations from the
perspective that, until now, has only been available to the pilots themselves.
The site features footage of the Blue Angels performing 37 different maneuvers
from three different camera angles, giving viewers an inside perspective of this
elite demonstration team.

    List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

Agency/City:                            EffectiveUI/Denver
Client:                                     Microsoft Corporation, U.S. Navy Blue Angels
Project Manager:                     Cindy Vanover
Account Manager:                   Mahe Rellos
Creative Director:                    Tim Wood
Design:                                    Roman Blagovirnyy,
Development:                          Chad Bakeman, Ryan McGinty, Corey Schuman
Video/3D Production:              Anthony Walt, George Robinson, David Baca, Nathan Crutchfield