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Easyup Consulting CO INC

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Company: Easyup Consulting CO INC
Company Description: Easyup Media Consulting is an innovative media consultancy. Founded in 2009 by Kelly Dantas, Easyup has won numerous awards for our TV and Radio Commercials concepts, 3D animation and Audio Production.
Nomination Category: Video Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales: Other

Nomination Title: My Friend Phonecard Mother’s Day TV Commercial

    The date on which this nominated production was first distributed or otherwise made public:

        Made public:

        May 2010

    Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 100 words). Include here the URL for an online version of your production if applicable. IMPORTANT: begin the URL with http://, and enclose the URL in square brackets - for example, []:

        The business objectives were extend MY FRIEND PHONECARD penetration using the
Mother’s Day Theme to achieve the sales goal. The communication objectives
focused keep MY FRIEND PHONECARD into a leading brand and distinguishing the
brand image from the others calling cards in the market.

        A crucial factor in the development of this campaign was change the media image
of the company brands. Our challenge were made by creating a 3D dog mascot to
interact with the videos footage, using high technology and quality even with
very low-budget to work with. Also we have used the “Mi Maravillosa” by Fernando
Varela(Spanish Opera Singer) music license, adding a special effect to this
special Mother’s Day commercial. This became the central insight for the
campaign. As a direct result of the campaign, MY FRIEND PHONECARD achieved a 20%
increase in sales during the TV campaign.

        Easyup Medias is a 9 months old only, Marketing Consulting Agency, created by
Kelly Dantas. SDI is our first client for TV/Radio Commercials and we have
received great successful reviews, making us proud of our services. Easyup
Medias became the first company to deliver quality commercials to the calling
card business market(low-budget) with the most unique and fascinating projects.

Online Spanish Version-

        Script /Translation
Music: “Mi Maravillosa” by Fernando Varela
-Eternal Sunlight
-Romantic Shadows
-In my mind photographs
-Capture our moment of emotion
-Apart from this world
-Safe in each other arms
-Loving our devotion
-You are so beautiful! You are my wonderful!
-I sing this song so I might make you see
Voice Over:
-The contact with your family is most important for you and for us too.
-Myfriend Phonecard, the best calling card
-Bringing mothers closer all over the world


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Agency/Prodution Company: Easyup Marketing Consulting, White Plains/NY
Client: SDI Distributor, Yonkers/NY-USA
Art/Creative Director/Writer/Producer: Kelly Dantas
Music Producer: Bobby Huges/USA
Voice Over Spanish: Victor Visbal
Video Editing/City: Faysal Khalid/Pakistan
3D Animation: Kamal Pahuja/Bangladesh