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Company: Doxo, Seattle, WA
Entry Submitted By: Dotted Line Communications
Company Description: Doxo is pioneering the way for people and providers to connect and go paperfree, breaking customer adoption barriers and saving businesses millions of dollars in printing, paper, and postage costs.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Financial Services

Nomination Title: Doxo Digital File Cabinet

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        Founded in Seattle, WA in 2008 – launched to consumers in 2010 – and backed by
top-tier venture partners Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners and Bezos
Expeditions (the venture investment fund of Jeff Bezos) doxo is an online
service that provides consumers a secure digital file cabinet for receiving,
paying and organizing bills and other important documents – pioneering the way
that people connect and go paperfree with their providers. For consumers, doxo
provides a free secure digital file cabinet to manage and organize important
documents from multiple service providers as well as pay bills, all in one place
with one password. For businesses, doxo breaks through the barriers to paperless
adoption, saving billions of dollars in printing, paper and postage costs,
increasing customer engagement, and dramatically reducing environmental waste. 
Since inception, doxo has established a number of partnerships with national and
regional service providers including:

        Each year in the US, businesses spend more than $30 billion to mail more than 50
billion bills and other documents to customers. While current electronic bill
pay solutions have helped with the first phase of paperless adoption, those who
have gone completely paperless with a provider has hovered around 15 percent
industry-wide for years. doxo has made good on a promise to offer users the
ability to pay bills directly with the launch of doxoPAY, the company’s online
bill payment capability which significantly reduces the average cost of payment
transactions and helps speed collections. Businesses on doxo typically save 80%
or more on the average cost of mailing a document and receiving a payment.
Companies are able to leverage the doxo Control Panel, a simple online dashboard
to send and receive bills, payments and other important documents and manage
their customer connections online.

        doxo was founded after CEO Steve Shivers took a trip to his mailbox and found it
overflowing with junk mail. He knew sifting through the junk was a necessary
evil to get to the important documents – his bills – and thought there had to be
a better solution. The company is led by experienced leaders from Qpass, Amazon,
Snapfish, Blue Nile and Microsoft, who have driven consumer adoption of new
online services and processed billions in consumer mobile and Internet



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        CEO Steve Shivers founded doxo along with fellow members of the executive suite
Mark Goris and Roger Parks. Shivers started out his career as a mechanical
engineer, backed by a degree from the prestigious Rice University. After working
as an engineer in Alaska, Shivers went back to business school at the University
of Viginia, followed by working as a consultant with Kaiser Associates. During
the dotcom boom, Shivers logged time at Infospace and Qpass. After Qpass,
Shivers was SVP and GM of OpenMarket, by then a division of Amdocs, before
exiting in 2008 and starting doxo.