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Datacert, Inc

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Company: Datacert, Inc.
Company Description: Datacert, based in Houston, is a technology innovator and the premier global provider of enterprise legal management software. Datacert's offerings include a patent-pending legal technology platform, Passport, and legal spend and matter management applications. These solutions are relied upon by Fortune/Fortune Global 500 corporations.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Computer Software - New Server Software

Nomination Title: Datacert Passport

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        Datacert is a technology innovator and the premier global provider of
enterprise legal management software that empowers law departments to
collaborate more effectively, manage legal systems more efficiently, support
changing business needs and their global workforces, and make more strategic
decisions. In the third quarter of 2010 Datacert launched PassportTM, its
patent-pending legal technology platform.

        Research indicates that legal departments are managing dozens of technology
applications from various vendors for areas such as legal matter management,
legal spend management, e-discovery, etc. This technology approach makes
collaboration difficult and results in a high total cost of ownership (TCO).
Passport was created to directly tackle the operational challenges that result
from the overload of legal point solutions by consolidating all applications,
such as best-in-breed market solutions from Datacert and those from
complimentary solution providers in areas like e-discovery, on one platform.

        Passport is an excellent long-term technology investment. Passport decreases
the TCO of legal systems because all of the upfront costs of procurement, i.e.
hardware/software, as well as on-going operational expenditures such as,
training, maintenance, and system scaling are reduced. In addition, it is a
straightforward platform that allows for in-house configuration and integration
so changes can be made without the client having to go back to the vendor or
hire a third party, meaning the platform can be extended to address evolving
business needs.  To accomplish this, Passport provides:

        •     A “legal framework” of reusable components, such as legal data and
security models and page templates, that are pre-configured according to the
legal industry’s best practices, enabling rapid development of new legal
•     A complete suite of powerful toolkits that allow legal departments to
make simple and advanced configuration changes, test those changes, and even
develop custom applications on the platform to meet unique business needs

        The integrated Passport Collaboration Portal allows inside and outside counsel
to securely collaborate on anything, using out-of-the-box and customized
templates for budget, timekeeper rate, accrual, matter status collaboration.

        Passport was developed based on feedback from Datacert’s Fortune 500 client
base, solution partners, and top industry thought leaders who all agreed that
the legal technology landscape is overrun with point solutions and lacks
opportunities for real collaboration. Passport solves this issue and provides
legal professionals with a new, simplified way of integrating and managing
systems, putting within easy reach considerable productivity benefits and a
reduction in the total cost of ownership of legal systems. 

        In an independent legal industry report from Hyperion Research
titled, "MarketView™  Report: e-Billing and Matter Management Systems for
Corporations,"  Datacert was named a “Market Innovator” for the vision of
Passport.  According to the report, “A Market Innovator solution demonstrates a
number of leading and differentiated capabilities, with many class-leading
characteristics; and demonstrates key product innovations and a clear market
vision of ‘next generation’ technologies.”

        Since launching in late 2010, Passport has experienced swift adoption, having
already been selected by almost 20 organizations, primarily Fortune® and
Fortune Global® 500 companies including Walmart, Qwest Communications, Cox
Enterprises, and Johnson Controls, Inc. 

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        Datacert Meets Market Demand for True Legal System Consolidation with Launch of

        Datacert Unveils PassportTM, the First True Platform for Enterprise Legal

        Walmart Selects Datacert Passport for Legal Department Management


        Carillion Chooses Datacert PassportTM to Streamline Legal Process

        Datacert 12th Consecutive Year of Revenue Growth


        Datacert Passport Positions Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta to Expand Client

        Datacert Named “Market Innovator” and Recognized for Unrivaled Global
Leadership in Independent Analyst Report

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        James Tallman, excels in the development, growth and management of global
technology companies.  As president and CEO, Tallman conceptualizes and guides
the company's customer-centric business strategies, long-term growth
opportunities, and overall operational excellence initiatives.

        Tallman's thirty-year career has demonstrated a proven ability to stimulate the
evolution of global technology companies through innovative customer programs.
Having developed and managed businesses in North America, Latin America, EMEA
and Asia-Pacific, Tallman brings global executive experience with a multi-
cultural leadership approach that taps the potential of a global workforce
where employees can openly engage, contribute and utilize their talents in
growth industries.