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Carney, Inc.

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Company: Carney, Inc., Alexandria, VA
Company Description: Carney was founded in 1994 with a single mission--to help individuals and organizations accelerate their performance. Since then, Carney has garnered dozens of awards and secured several federal contract vehicles. With two decades to its name, Carney is building on its successes and continues to deliver remarkable client experiences.
Nomination Category: Interactive Multimedia Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Professional Education

Nomination Title: HAZCOM/HAZMAT Interactive Multimedia Performance Experience

    The date on which this nominated production was first distributed or otherwise made public:

        January 28, 2011

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        The Army Safety and Occupational Health Career Program (CP-12), educates and
develops Department of the Army civilian safety professionals. The Hazard
Communication/Hazardous Materials (HAZCOM/HAZMAT) Interactive Multimedia
Performance Experience (IMPE) provides CP-12 students an opportunity to
practice identifying regulation violations within a simulated workplace
environment. Given visual representation of various simulated workplace
environments, learners decide/determine if a hazard/violation of a
regulation/requirement is present. The learner records his/her findings and
captures an image of the violation identified. This is performed from within
the IMPE interface. The findings are printed out for review, in-class
discussion, or for the instructor to reinforcement key points.

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