Company: CA, Islandia, NY
Company Description: CA is one of the world's largest IT management software providers. Founded in 1976, CA today is a global company with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. We serve more than 99% of Fortune 1000® companies, as well as government entities, educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide.
Nomination Category: Human Resources Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Human Resources Organization/Department

Nomination Title: CA Human Resources Organization

  1. Tell the story about what this nominated organization/department achieved since January 1 2007 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

    Over the past 4 years, the CA Global HR Team has played a significant role in 
    helping the company overcome many business critical challenges such as
    rebuilding the entire senior leadership team, deploying a new global ERP
    application and enhancing enterprise-wide systems, restructuring organizations
    to align with new business strategies and building solid internal processes to
    maximize efficiencies and further drive growth.

    In 2007, the CA Global HR Team gained even more momentum in the overall company
    transformation as well as the transformation of the HR function within CA by
    achieving the following:

    Global Standardization of HR Processes and Increased HR Strategic Value: After
    implementing a global ERP application (SAP) and globalizing the HR
    organization, CA partnered with a global outsourcer to manage our core HR and
    recruitment operations. This initiative deployed in March of 2007 covering
    over 50 countries and over 14,000 employees. The overall initiative included
    the launch of global HR Service Centers, a brand new Talent Management system
    (Vurv) and streamlined business processes. This effort enabled CA to realize a
    10% savings benefit on HR operational costs.

    Greater Employee Engagement: CA conducts an annual Employee Opinion Survey
    every February. Based on the 2007 survey results we initiated a major
    communications campaign with the executive leadership team to share the survey
    results and formed Task Forces to drive the performance of key variables. For
    2008, over 85% of the employee population participated in the annual employee
    survey, an excellent benchmark.

    Job and Career Architecture: Based on the 2007 employee survey results, HR
    initiated a Job and Career Architecture project to design jobs that align to
    internal business requirements and external best practices. This initiative
    also enables employees to understand their current job and the career paths to
    grow within the company.

    Greater Employee Retention: HR also started focusing on retention initiatives
    globally. By calibrating attrition globally and analyzing the root causes we
    were able to drive initiatives to reduce attrition. Additionally, the HR team
    developed executive scorecards for the Board of Directors and other senior
    leadership committees to communicate our attrition and drive greater
    accountability for employee retention. As a result, CA reduced attrition by
    over 4 points globally and in emerging countries like India we reduced
    attrition by over 8 points in the last year.

    Development of HR Analytics & Quality: The implementation of SAP HR and
    outsourcing has given CA greater access to HR data. We have begun to analyze
    this data and educate managers on how to use HR data for business decisions by
    publishing HR Metric white papers every week. The HR team built the HR
    Analytics and Quality function from the bottom up in 2007.

    In summary, the CA Transformation is truly unique and the HR organization has
    made significant contributions and achieved business impacting results in terms
    of reducing operational expenses, increasing operational efficiency, increasing
    strategic HR value, increasing employee retention and engagement.

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  3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader(s) of the nominated organization/department:

    Andy Goodman is currently the Executive Vice President of HR at CA where he is 
    focused on the development, retention and management of talent as a means to
    enhance business performance. Before joining CA, Andy was the first vice
    president of the global technology group at Merrill Lynch. Prior to this; he
    was with Bankers Trust as the vice president of financial services operations
    and technology human resources.

    Earlier, he gained extensive professional services experience as director of
    northeast region HR management consulting at E&Y. As a manager with GE, his
    responsibilities included recruitment of information technology professionals.