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Broadview Networks

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Company: Broadview Networks
Company Description: Broadview Networks is a network-based business communications provider serving customers nationwide. Broadview also provides an innovative portfolio of bundled, hosted IP phone and cloud computing services designed to meet the unique application requirements of diverse employee groups.
Nomination Category: New Product Awards & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Telecommunications

Nomination Title: Broadview’s OfficeSuite ACD

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        Small- and medium-sized businesses often require the capabilities of call
center technology, but frequently don’t have access to sufficient capital
needed for on-site PBXs. Also, systems with many  advanced features, such as
routing by skill, technology expertise, language or other skills, to empower
agents in multiple locations, to provide call recording capabilities for
training, or to get access to advanced reporting, dashboard functions, and
mobility features that are often beyond reach. But not anymore.

        Broadview has introduced OfficeSuite ACD, a fully-featured, hosted application
for automatic call distribution (ACD), call routing and recording. It provides
robust call center capabilities for business customers without the need for
capital investment in on-site equipment or intensive IT support.

        OfficeSuite ACD allows users to create quick and easy queues prioritization 
distribution of incoming business calls, customized hold treatments, in
addition to providing advanced routing options that factor-in call agents’
skills, location, experience, or other parameters.

        “Small and medium-sized businesses need every advantage to stay ahead in the
current competitive environment. Many SMB customers don’t think in terms of
traditional ACD functionality even though they use it in their everyday
business. With OfficeSuite ACD, businesses get a comprehensive and highly
flexible suite of enterprise-class routing options for incoming calls that can
help to improve customer satisfaction without the requirement for any new
capital for equipment or additional IT resources. Companies can start with just
a few seats and grow as their needs evolve,” according to Jeff Blackey, senior
vice president of marketing for Broadview Networks.

A key feature of OS ACD is its complete disaster avoidance solution. As this
winter’s extreme weather has shown, snow and ice storms repeatedly affected
business across a wide swath of the U.S. With OfficeSuite ACD, businesses can
continue to operate by receiving calls across all locations or by directing
traffic to other queues with ease. In addition, remote workers and mobile
agents can access the system and handle incoming calls from anywhere—even from
their cellular phones—a capability many other call centers solutions cannot

        Broadview’s OfficeSuite ACD hosted call center taps the growing need of
businesses for cost-effective solutions that improve their operations. By using
a PC or other Internet-connected device, administrators can simply log on to
the OfficeSuite ACD portal to view reports, listen to recorded calls, make real-
time routing changes, update or record new on hold messages, evaluate calls, or
design entirely new queues in minutes.

        OfficeSuite ACD features other advanced functionality such as;
·       Skills-based routing - Customized call distributions based on agent
skills, such as technology expertise, language, experience, etc., or any other
business rules or policies.
·       Mobility - Built-in mobility features that support work-from-home and
mobile workforces, including integration of cell phones.
·       Reporting - Real-time reporting and call center dashboards.
·       Management Tools - Applications for call scoring and agent evaluation.
·       All of OfficeSuite’s powerful features, including hot desking and cell
phone twinning, allowing agents to access the ACD from any phone.

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        Ken Shulman joined Broadview Networks in 1999 as Chief Technology Officer. In
this role, he is responsible for the architecture, technology, standards and
evolution plans for the company’s integrated communications networks and
services. As CIO, Mr. Shulman is also responsible for the company’s patented
integrated provisioning, billing and customer relationship management systems,
software and IT infrastructure. Mr. Shulman has more than 30 years of
leadership experience in communications technology.