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Apple Inc.

ABA10 WinnerCompany: Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Overall Company of the Year - More Than 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: Apple Inc.

1. Tell the story about what this nominated company achieved since January 1 2009 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

From the very first Apple I to the most recent iPad, Apple has produced numerous
machines. The business has had its ups and downs but all unsuccessful devices
aside, it has been a very lucrative corporation and many people in today’s world
would be lost without its existence. The business, first called Apple Computer
Inc, was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It was brought
to life on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California. The first machine, the Apple
I, was introduced on July 1, 1976 and was placed on the market for $666.66.
Apple Computer Inc. was officially incorporated on January 3, 1977 where it then
took off and became what we know it as now. In 2007, the company dropped
“Computer” from its name to become just Apple Inc. With about 35,000 employees
and reported worldwide annual sales of $42.91 billion in its fiscal year that
ended September 26, 2009, Apple is unquestionably a dominant company today.

Accomplishments Since 2009:
• The Apple Mac computer reached its 25th Anniversary
• Apple unveiled new MacBook Pro laptops with 13, 15, and 17 inch screens. They
all have lower prices, faster processors, and longer battery lives than their
• Introduction of iPhone 3GS – twice as fast as iPhone 3G and comes in 16GB or
32GB costing $199 & $299 respectively
• Reduction of price on iPhone 3G, now $99
• Unveiling of iPad Tablet Computer – in between a smart phone and a laptop
• Began selling the iPhone in China, Israel, & South Korea
• Launched new stores in Mexico and the Philippines
• Expect to open around 50 new stores in 2010 with half of them being placed
• Recorded best quarter yet over 2009 holidays – from October-December profits
were $3.4 billion compared to $2.3 billion a year earlier
• Topped Walmart to become 3rd most valuable company in the U.S.
• Doubled iPhone sales to 8.7 million devices
• Recently announced that Apple shares have risen, officially giving the company
a stock market value of $200 billion for the first time

2. List hyperlinks to any online news stories, press releases, or other documents that support the claims made in the section above. IMPORTANT: Begin each link with http://, and enclose each link in square brackets; for example, []:

Apple Mac 25th Anniversary – 1/23/09

Apple Inc. Shows Off New MacBook Pro – 6/8/09

Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, Cuts Prices – 6/8/09

Apple Introduces New $499 iPad Tablet Computer – 6/9/09

Buy Apple Inc. Just for the iPhone in China News? – 8/27/09

iPhone to Make Israel Debut This Week – 12/8/09,2506,L-3816591,00.html

S. Korea Approves Sale of Apple’s iPhone – 9/23/09

Apple Inc. Launched its Popular iTunes Store in Mexico This Week – 8/8/09

Apple Store Opens at Ateneo – 8/3/09

Apple Inc. to Open Dozens of New Stores Next Year – 11/13/09

Apple Inc. Reports Record Quarterly Earnings – 1/25/10

Apple Surges Past Wal-Mart to Become 3rd Most Valuable U.S. Company – 3/12/10

Apple Inc. is now a $200-Billion Whopper – 3/9/10

3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader of this nominated company:

Steve Jobs,CEO

Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, which he co-founded in 1976. Apple is leading
the consumer technology world with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, its
family of iPod media players and iTunes media store, and its Mac computers and
iLife and iWork application suites. Apple recently introduced the iPad, a
breakthrough Internet and digital media device, plus the iBookstore, alongside
iTunes and the App Store.

Steve also co-founded and was the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, which created
some of the most successful and beloved animated films of all time including Toy
Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars and
Ratatouille. Pixar merged with The Walt Disney Company in 2006 and Steve now
serves on Disney's board of directors.

Steve grew up in the apricot orchards which later became known as Silicon
Valley, and still lives there with his family.

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