App Awards Categories

These categories recognize excellence in apps for smartphone and tablet devices.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories for the 2016 ABAs will include

a. An essay of up to 125 words describing the app's purpose and results to date. Include here the platforms your app supports

b. The app itself, in the form of a demonstration video of up to three (3) minutes in length, or a URL to the app. In either case you must attach the demonstration video or the URL to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool.  Note that demonstration videos are preferred to app downloads

c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your app - a list of the people and organizations that contribute to its development

F55. Business/Government
F56. Education & Reference
F57. Entertainment
F58. Events
F59. Experimental & Innovation
F60. Games
F61. Guides/Ratings/Reviews
F62. Integrated Mobile Experience
F63. Lifestyle
F64. Marketing
F65. Music
F66. News
F67. Professional Education
F68. Shopping
F69. Social
F70. Sports
F71. Training
F72. Travel
F73. Utilities & Services