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American Medical Response

Company: American Medical Response, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Company Description: AMR had provided 9-1-1 and non-emergency ambulance transport services to all of El Paso County Colorado since 1979. Whether it is someone that becomes ill at the top of Pikes Peak or crashes their car on the eastern plains, we are there to take care of them. In 2006 we were selected as the National Ambulance service of the year.
Nomination Category: Company Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Nomination Title: American Medical Response: Sentimental Journey Program


  1. Tell the story about what this nominated company achieved since January 1 2007 (up to 500 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

    For this program, a brief history is imperative to understand what this program 
    means to this Community.

    About 10 years ago a crew was tranporting a man from the hospital who had only
    a few weeks to live to his home for hospice care. The paramedic was chatting
    with him on the ride and the man expressed his regret that he would not get to
    see the changing aspens. The paramedic decided that wish could be fulfilled on
    their trip to his house. They pulled off at a vista point, took the patient on
    the cot to the viewing area and stood there with him while he watched the

    This act made a lasting impression on the crew. They approached AMR management
    and Pikes Peak Hospice management to implement a program they named Sentimental
    Journey. As part of the program, AMR donates all crew time, medical
    supervision and vehicle expenses to take someone on their last request. Over
    the years there have been many remarkable trips. On one, AMR took a woman to
    Cripple Creek where she won $3000. On another, a motorcycle rider went to one
    last bonfire with his motorcycle gang. And on yet another, a man went to the
    zoo with his daughter a month before her seventh birthday to celebrate, since
    he wouldn’t be there on her actual birthday.

    While this program is relatively small and we can only provide about 15 trips a
    year, the lasting impact on families is immeasurable.

    Sentimental Journey is growing into a nationwide community service program,
    offered in many areas by the local ambulance provider. In 2007, AMR El Paso
    County shared information to get the program started in communities in Utah,
    New Mexico, Florida, New York and Connecticut.

    Sentimental Journey is promoted by one of the co-founders of the program who is
    a presenter at many emergency medical services conferences. Through his
    presentations he promotes Sentimental Journey, and sends interested agencies to
    us to help them implement the program in their community.

    Most of the journeys we provide are simple requests such as wanting to go home
    for a few hours or to a favorite restaurant. Some of the more notable over the
    past year are a 50th wedding anniversary that was celebrated six weeks early
    because the woman wouldn’t be alive on the anniversary date. Others include
    taking a man to his favorite hang out to sing karaoke and taking a woman to her
    husband’s memorial service.

    In February of 2007 the Pikes Peak Fire Chiefs Forum chose Sentimental Journey
    to receive the proceeds from their fund raising dinner. We bought a digital
    camera with the funds so we can take photos of the trip and make a memory book
    for the family.

    In May of 2007 the Center for Non-Profit Excellence honored the Sentimental
    Journey program with their Corporate Service Award.

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  3. Provide a brief (up to 100 words) biography about the leader of this nominated company:

    Ted Sayer is the General Manager for the El Paso County operation. He has been 
    in the emergency medicine field for almost 20 years. He has always been very
    pro-community and giving back whenever possible. Ted has supported the
    Sentimental Journey program since its inception and is always willing to donate
    these trips. Ted is very proud of the crew’s accomplishments in being selected
    as the National Ambulance Service of the Year (2006), the El Paso County
    Philanthropic Company of the Year (2006) and receiving the Better Business
    Bureaus Excellence in Customer Service Award (2007).