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Allen Interactions Inc.

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Company: Allen Interactions Inc., Mendota Heights, MN
Company Description: With more than a decade of experience, Allen Interactions has an unrivaled track record in delivering dynamic enterprise custom e-learning solutions that execute business change, drive and improve performance, accelerate speed to profit and improve people effectiveness.
Nomination Category: Interactive Multimedia Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Training

Nomination Title: California Commission on Peace Officer Training - Gangs Course

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        Gangs: PC 186.22 for Patrol is a course developed for the California Commission
on Peace Officer Standards and Training or POST. This course was created to help
prepare California law enforcement officers to identify and respond to gang
activity in their cities. Officers work through a storyline which includes
simulated neighborhood patrols, graffiti identification and challenging field
interviews with gang members to gather key evidence in their case files. In the
process of successfully navigating the interactive challenges, officers help the
DA bring enhanced charges against the leaders of a new, emerging gang.

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Allen Interactions
California Commission on Peace Officer Training