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Walton Isaacson - Female Executive of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: Walton Isaacson, Los Angeles, CA
Company Description: Founded in 2005 by marketing innovators Aaron Walton, Cory Isaacson and partner Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Walton Isaacson (WI) provides strategic and creative solutions to some of the world's largest and most aggressive brand marketers. This innovative agency model marries award-winning, full-service advertising, digital and social capabilities across multiple disciplines.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Executive of the Year – Business Services –11 to 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: Fernanda Burgel Is Here To Transform Advertising

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated executive since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

For over a decade, Brazilian-born Fernanda Burgel has been contributing to a redesign of US Multicultural Marketing – transforming out dated, old-school stereotypes into innovative, insights-based imagery of inclusion. Burgel is an award-winning Art Director, now overseeing the creative department at Walton Isaacson as an Associate Creative Director. She has a passion for using her creativity as an agent of change. In late 2017 through present, she has been a part of several game-changing initiatives, earning her a place among advertising innovators overall and particularly among the less recognized community of multicultural women in leadership positions.

One of those opportunities presented itself during a new business pitch for Nike. The brand needed a way to speak to women of all races, shapes and sizes to launch their new React running shoes. Using the innovative technology within Instagram’s newly released “Stories” feature, Burgel created a never-before-seen “flip-a-gram”, allowing consumers to feel--with their fingers--all the energy and excitement of using React running shoes. The initiative ran just 3 weeks but earned Nike over 10MM+ impressions and a 17% engagement rate -- the highest the brand had experienced for a social campaign.

When WI was invited to pitch against several other general market agencies for Lexus’ Superbowl TV Spot, Ms Burgel brought her multicultural lens to the assignment. She proposed Lexus use the coveted timeslot with a commercial that felt inclusive and breakthrough, pairing Lexus with Marvel’s The Black Panther movie in ways that broke out of traditional sponsorship norms. Not only did Burgel’s ideas become the platform from which a Super Bowl spot was born (a spot which garnered more success for Lexus than any in the brand’s history), but Burgel also put an innovative spin on the subject and developed a branded graphic-novel series featuring iconic imagery of great collectible value to movie goers and comic-book lovers alike. Burgel was also able to seamlessly marry the Lexus brand, not known for being hip or progressive, with storylines that paid tribute to Lexus’ Takumi Masters, traditional craftsmen respected for their precision and excellence. The pairing of tradition with future forward Wakandan scientists broke new grounds and even Marvel commented on Burgel and WI’s work as being exemplary and innovative.

In addition to Black Panther and Nike, July 2017 through present have been filled with many wins for Burgel. Her career has been consistently recognized globally and nationally by industry peers at advertising festivals. Burgel’s work for Meiomi and Woodbridge wines garnered the attention of the experiential design community. Her concepts for an NYPD pitch resulted in a major win for the agency and an innovative approach to addressing diversity and inclusion. Fernanda Burgel is active in the community, volunteering and mentoring the next generation of designers. She recently moved to Walton Isaacson’s Los Angeles office from Chicago in order to collaborate with the largest cross-section of team members and to participate in WI’s ongoing school volunteer programs dedicated to cross-cultural marketing. After a career that includes senior creative positions at the nation’s most respected multicultural agencies, she is transforming the industry and building our client’s business with a cross cultural approach.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated executive (up to 125 words):

Fernanda Burgel is a Brazilian-born art director.
-She has spent the last decade telling stories about the many different kinds of people who make up the United States.
-Her goal is to transform out-dated, old-school stereotypes into innovative, insights-based creative work that moves people.
-She has been fortunate to have created purpose-driven work for global brands such as Kellogg’s, Nike, Lexus and Coca-Cola, while working in creative roles at advertising agencies in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.
-She believes in a world in which every agency is a multicultural agency.
-In her free time, she cooks, reads, and postpones organizing her sock drawer.
-She likes dogs.
-She dislikes umbrellas.
-She thinks it’s really awkward to speak in the third person