TMG - Shazia Manus

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Company: TMG, Des Moines, IA
Company Description: TMG is a Des Moines-based company creating customized, technology-driven card processing and payment solutions for credit unions and community-based financial institutions across North America.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Executive of the Year – Business Services –11 to 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: TMG's Shazia Manus Ushers in Innovation

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Since joining TMG in 2011, Shazia Manus has made tremendous contributions to the company’s success. In the four years Shazia has served as CEO, she tripled revenue growth and, in 2015 alone, increased staffing by nearly 30 percent. Named one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Payments in 2016, Shazia has pushed TMG to exploit its capabilities, explore opportunities and grow its business.

TMG is a Des Moines-based company creating customized, technology-driven card processing and payment solutions for credit unions and community-based financial institutions across North America. As a result of Shazia’s visionary leadership, TMG today serves seven of the 13 largest U.S. credit unions and has expanded to service community banks. In 2015 alone, TMG experienced exponential growth in its client and cardholder base, increased revenue by 21 percent and created a stronger organizational foundation. Shazia made sure TMG accomplished all this while staying true to the company’s mission and core values.

Throughout this exponential growth, Shazia has helped maintain TMG’s people-centric culture. She has taken TMG’s “people matter” mantra further by ensuring the successful launch and integration of the company’s brand promise: Making Life Easier. One of the results of this program is an increased awareness of the exceptional services and support TMG provides during each interaction.

Success to Shazia is more than just numbers. To her, it’s about exploring new frontiers. Shazia’s leadership in the launch of TMG’s Canadian line of business, Collabria, demonstrated her enthusiasm for such ventures. She recognized an exciting opportunity to supply Canadian consumers with TMG’s products and services and drove the project forward. Collabria launched in 2015 with two clients. Now, Collabria boasts five major clients.

Shazia possesses a keen sense of the payments industry and has the foresight to identify trends that will drive the industry forward. Both of these qualities help her differentiate products, services and technologies that are simply “noise” in the market from those that have real substance. Under Shazia’s leadership, TMG has developed new technologies in areas like EMV, digital payments, blockchain and fraud detection. As a result, TMG became one of the first U.S. group service providers to implement credit and debit EMV chip cards and Apple Pay.

Coming of age in Bangladesh was not easy for a young woman with aspiration. Women were often relegated to second-class citizens and not encouraged to pursue a higher career. Yet from a very young age, Shazia found her natural courage and tenacity hard to squash. She worked hard to earn highly competitive scholarships to continue her education and also started several local businesses.

Shazia’s global perspective greatly influences her leadership approach. Through her involvement with the World Council of Credit Unions and TMG’s Canadian line of business Shazia works to advance the global credit union movement.

Shazia is also a strong advocate for women in leadership roles. She acts as a voice of inspiration for other women, readily sharing her own story and encouraging them to take on more challenging roles. Additionally, she has authored a white paper discussing female leadership and has frequently been engaged as a speaker on this topic.

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Shazia Manus is CEO at payments processor TMG and a member of the World Council of Credit Unions’ Global Women’s Leadership Network. A former credit union CEO, she knows what it takes to make community financial institutions and the consumers they serve thrive. She applies this knowledge every day at TMG, helping financial institution clients across North America usher in new and better payment solutions. An entrepreneur since the age of 17, Shazia’s spirit of innovation, commitment to collaboration and keen sense of sound business management have propelled TMG to record growth.