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TEB Women's Banking

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: TEB, Istanbul, Turkey
Entry Submitted By: Medyaevi
Company Description: A respectable and privileged financial institution engaged in the Turkish banking industry, TEB went into action in 1927 since when brokerage operations continues in a set of various fields such as investment, leasing, factoring, insurance and portfolio management in the finance industry through an extended network of branches, product and service range.
Nomination Category: Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Consumer Services

Nomination Title: TEB Women's Banking

Describe for the judges the nominated product or service, including its features, functions, benefits, and performance to date (up to 525 words). Include in this section the date since the beginning of July last year on which the product or service was introduced to the marketplace:

TEB signed a first in the sector with visions of “The Women's Consultant Bank” and “The Bank that most women want to work with” in order to support women bosses and strengthen their presence in business life. In this context, the bank set up a separate department to provide banking services especially for women. With the aim of encouraging women to join business life as producers, not just consumers, the department provides SMEs and businesses with women leaders access to financial resources to help them compete in the global world and to maintain their presence with steady growth. Unsecured loans and special finance packages are developed accordingly. Also as a result of focus group studies conducted with more than 80 women managers in five different regions in Turkey, TEB identified four main problems women face; access to finance, access to information, access to the markets and access to mentoring support.

The TEB SME TV-Women Manager’s Screen and TEB Women’s Academy were introduced to enable women to access information. The program’s non-financial services include access to education, including training on business planning and leadership skills, as well as access to a range of curricula for the specific commercial life cycle needs of an entrepreneur, integrating coaches and mentors.

Within the scope of Women Banking, the first TEB Women Academy was organized on 15 October 2015 in Istanbul to provide information needed by women bosses to improve their business by reaching them across the country and to bring them together with women from business life who inspire with their success. The mentoring program was implemented to provide mentoring support, which is one of the most important requirements for women managers, by signing an agreement with the UK based Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which operates in 80 countries across the world, will reach women for the first time in Turkey through the TEB mentoring program. Today, TEB Women Academy continues to be organized in various cities of Turkey orderly.

Along with the project, on 10th of May 2016 “Women owned/led SMEs in a Growing Economy” commercial was broadcasted simultaneously on TV and on the TEB Women social media accounts. The commercial was viewed 3,096,803 times. It was supported by retweeting from TEB main brand and other sub brands’ social media accounts. #KadinPatronlar hashtag was in the ‘Trend Topics’ list during the day. Monitored Tweets sent by Twitter users using the hashtag were retweeted and liked. Questions from users were answered as part of proactive and interactive communication. The commercial was also supported with social media content and users were encouraged to view the commercial. First view video ads feature which has just been launched by Twitter has never been exploited by the financial circles. With the use of First View ad model realized under this campaign, TEB has become first brand in the Turkish financial sector in this respect.

TEB will keep providing women owned/led SMEs with full support ranging from finance to consulting in order to strengthen the presence presence of them in business life first time ever in the Turkish banking sector.

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the team that developed the nominated new product or service (up to 125 words):

Having over fifteen years of experience in the banking sector, Simla Unal have a proven track record of designing the fundamentals of unique banking business lines such as SME Banking, Start-Up Banking and Woman Banking in Turkey as well as designing and implementing exemplary levels of products, services and projects for different target clients. She adapted her banking experience into consultancy industry at IFC which excelled her strategic planning and project management skills with a global perspective when working for different bank clients in different countries in Central and South Asia, MENA and Europe. Mrs. Unal works collectively for the concerning project with TEB's Corporate Communications Director Zeynep Demirkol who also accomplished many successful projects in her career.