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Tata Consultancy Services - Event of the Year

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Company: Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Company Description: Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that partners with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys. TCS offers a consulting-led, Cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of IT, Business & Technology Services, and engineering. This is delivered through its unique Location Independent Agile delivery model, recognized
Nomination Category: Media Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Event of the Year

Nomination Title: Personal Excellence Academy - Tata Consultancy Services

When and where did this event take place?

The event nominated is a culmination of 4 events occurring over a period of 11 months of journey of Personal Excellence Academy within Tata Consultancy Services. They took place within Mumbai, India, from Sep 2017 to Aug 2018.

The need for creating the event and program

Large scale organisations find themselves often difficult to pivot to newer industry demand, with every disruption expecting significant speed and readiness for change. For Tata Consultancy Service, a 50 year old trusted corporate IT giant, with a market cap of 100+Billion Dollars, it was not a very different discussion in the board room.

“Reskilling is not a concern. But, how does one take a 50 year old organisational culture and align it again? It cannot be just from direction from the top, with a 400,000 workforce.

And, what about the employees – are they ready for change? What is in it for them?”

Briefly describe the nominated event including its purpose and results (up to 200 words):

The Purpose

The purpose of creating the program was to enable the employees to be better humans. Agility and Innovation, we believed were going to be the natural by-product of a healthy, motivated and aligned workforce.

The Event

Hence, the Academy of 11 months was spilt into 4 levels, and each level began with an in person 4- Full day workshop. The Event – The 4 day workshop was attended by more than 500 participants, all eagerly engaged and waiting to start a personal transformation journey. The event was a caring mix of lighter elements delivered through innovative theatre workshops and laughter yoga and deeper elements like understating the subconscious mind, exploring our core value and belief systems and emotional intelligence. And upon this foundation, elements of business and customer mastery, delivered by various CXO’s were added.

The Results

The participants have reported that their lives had changed. Spouses, friends and families called to share stories of the transformation they felt.

Business and customer results maximised - some account saw revenues quadruple in the quarter, some raised their CSI (Client Satisfaction Index) from 65% to 92%, winning multi-million dollar deals. Participating associates taught 30,000 other associates, on their own accord.

List the names and titles of the people who were involved in creating and staging the nominated event:

Dr Ritu Anand - Program Sponsor
Nidhi Raina - Global Head, Program Owner and Designer
Gunjan Wadhwa - Chief Content Creator
Kinari Shah - Chief Operations Manager
Pankaj Mahadane - Chief Technology Manager
Dreamcraft - Operations Partner