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SAN Enterprises - Startup of the Year

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Company: Tavuun Welfare Association, Karachi, Pakistan
Company Description: Tavuun Welfare Association is non-political, non-sectarian non-governmental Organization, registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961. There are hardly 5workers/employees. Mostly are volunteers. We have a philosophy of care that is humanistic.We started free educational program in Lyari-a gang-war hit area in Karachi where the presence
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Startup of the Year - Business Products Industries

Nomination Title: SAN Enterprises: Miss Syeda Amna Nasir Jamal, proprietor

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated organization since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words). Begin this section with the date since July 1 2016 on which this organization began operations:

SAN Enterprises is a trading company, that specializes in general trading of bulk agricultural commodities, other general commodities and textile. Its constantly enthusiastic to develop new trading partners and to continue valued associations with International trade markets. SAN Enterprises covers choices of variety and is known for its unique offering and supplying



SAN Enterprises is into world class Hessian and Sacking cloth.The Worldwide awareness on environment and health is likely to provide new opportunities on jute, due to its environment characteristics.In recent times they are found to be a valuable aid to sound environment management. Jute, a natural fiber that can be used in many different areas, supplementing and / or replacing synthetics, has been receiving increasing attention from the industry.

SAN started embroidered clothing named SAN Armario in October 2017 provided earning opportunity to poor villagers and is a unique technique which originated from the distinctive cultural group, and has been an integral part of the Pakistan people's culture for thousands of years. However, with the development of industrialized society, this tradition was on the brink of extinction. SAN clothing embroidery has become the pillar industry for poverty alleviation among the various village people, creating jobs and improving people's livelihood. Now for villagers embroidery is more than just art, it is a business opportunity.About 30 villager female embroiders is part of team and their average monthly income is 3000 rupees minimum. Women of the village now can work in their hometown and earn more than before. With the money earned from SAN clothing they have transformed their appearance changed the social status and spiritual outlook of the 30 families (over 200 people).

In the workplace, Syeda Amna (proprietor) is deeply committed to the professional development of employees and providing a stimulating, rewarding and supportive working environment.Being a socially responsible employee she made a world of difference in the community through social and voluntary initiatives where employees contributed their time, talent and resources to assist people and communities in need. In communities around,she provided assistance in a variety of ways. In 2010, she responded to a number of natural disasters, including the floods in Pakistan, with contributions of financial, products, supplies and timely aid to the affected. She regularly volunteer to support numerous other local social and environmental initiatives. She founded Tavuun Welfare Association to introduce philosophy of peace to people at large.

She is running programs of free education for underprivileged children at Dhabeji, Thatta and Lyari

Projects include providing education,healthcare, economic empowerment and disaster relief to areas in need.Provide free education in Thatta to needy. Rather than throwing away leftover Tavvun welfare with the support of the outlets operates in Karachi donates food to needy families and homeless people.

Tavuun distributed free toys, sweets and artificial jewellery among the needy families and street kids. Tavuun clothes bank provide good quality clothing and other items to poor people.Tavuunis committed to provide quality eye care to hundreds of rural poor in the Thatta District– people who are suffering fromavoidableblindness conditions but have no access to basic eye care facilities.

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 125 words):

Syeda Amna Nasir Jamalis an entrepreneur, High Court law practitioner ,freelance writer and consultant for various reputed businesses. She is proprietor of SAN Enterprises and founder and head of the Tavvun Welfare Association and Institute for Policy Studies, Research and Human Development in Pakistan.She iseditor in chief of SAN Tribune and Global Sentinel.She runs programs of free education for underprivileged children and actively addressing educational issues and supported capacity building of women.She is recipient of International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) award, organized from November 6-8, 2016 at Brussels, Belgium. She won one Silver and four Bronze Awards in the categories of Woman of the Year and Organization of the year in the 14th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Choose one (even if both apply): The CEO (or other principal manager) of this company is a woman, and at least 40% of the management team is comprised of women.