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ReviveMed - Most Innovative Company of the Year

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Company: ReviveMed, Cambridge, MA
Company Description: ReviveMed is AI-driven drug discovery platform by uniquely leveraging data from small molecules or metabolites. ReviveMed is an MIT spin out and a pioneer in the intersection of AI and metabolomics. ReviveMed is collaborating with tier-one pharmaceutical companies to support their drug discovery programs and in pursuing internal drug discovery, initially focused on metabolic diseases.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Most Innovative Company of the Year – 10 or Less Employees

Nomination Title: ReviveMed

Describe for the judges the innovations and accomplishments of the nominated organization since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

ReviveMed is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery platform, focused on discovering therapeutics for non-alcoholic fatty liver and other liver/metabolic diseases. ReviveMed revolutionizes drug discovery and development by utilizing a pioneering AI platform that uniquely leverages data from metabolites, which are small molecules in the human body.

Glucose, cholesterol, fats, and carbs, which we usually hear in health and diet, are small molecules in the human body. There are over 100,000 of these small molecules in the human body, and are called metabolites. Compared to genetic factors that indicate what may happen in a disease, metabolite levels directly reflect what is exactly happening in disease processes. Therefore, understanding metabolites is essential to discover the right therapeutic for the right patient. Despite their potentials, studying metabolites has been neglected due to the difficulties of characterizing a large number of metabolites for each patient.

ReviveMed’s platform for the first time enables the rapid, high-throughput and cost-effective characterization of metabolites for each patient. ReviveMed’s proprietary technology was developed at MIT and published inNature Methods, a high impact journal.

ReviveMed utilizes a proprietary AI algorithm and a comprehensive knowledge-based graphical database of metabolites and their interactions. By enabling fast, high-throughput, and inexpensive identification of metabolites, ReviveMed then discovers molecular mechanisms leading to a disease from tissues and biofluid metabolites, and simultaneously find the metabolomic biomarkers that identify exactly which patients will benefit from the drug.

Currently, ReviveMed is collaborating with tier-one pharma companies. Furthermore, they recently closed an oversubscribed seed round of $1.5 M to pursue internal drug discovery programs. ReviveMed is discovering therapeutics for metabolic diseases, initially focusing on non-alcohol fatty liver diseases. Because metabolites play key roles in these diseases, and there are significant needs for patients. For example, the fatty liver disease affects 20% of Americans and has no treatment. It is further the number one reason for liver transplant in the US.

ReviveMed received many prestigious awards, including the 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge (biotech section), Novartis-LabCentral Golden Ticket award, and Booz Allen Hamilton analytics prize. ReviveMed was a top-26 winner of MassChallenge Boston 2017 selected from >1,500 startups. ReviveMed was also selected as a top 10 finalist in Google Cloud Machine-Learning competition and received $200 K of cloud computing credits.

Additionally, it worths to mention the following quote from a recent TechCrunch article about ReviveMed:

“ReviveMed’s approach is a fundamentally modern one that wouldn’t be possible just a few years ago; such as the scale of the data involved. It may prove to be a powerful example of data-driven biotech as lucrative as it is beneficial. Even the early proof-of-concept and pilot work may provide help to millions or save lives — it’s not every day a company is founded that can say that.”

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 125 words):

Dr. Pirhaji is Founder and CEO of ReviveMed with a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from MIT. During her Ph.D. at Prof. Ernest Fraenkel Lab at MIT, Leila developed pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) platform to overcome the difficulties of leveraging metabolomics for drug discovery, which was published in Nature Methods. She then founded ReviveMed to bring this technology to the market and make an impact in people’s lives. Currently, ReviveMed is a venture-backed startup, based in Cambridge MA, focusing on discovering therapeutics for metabolic diseases using Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, Leila worked at top-notch research institutes, such as ETH Zurich, as well as large pharmaceutical companies, including Merck and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Her innovative work has received several prestigious awards, and featured in media outlets including TechCrunch.

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