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Ooredoo Oman - Achievement in Women-related Corporate Social Responsibility

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Company: Ooredoo Oman
Entry Submitted By: FTI Consulting
Company Description: Ooredoo is an international communications company operating across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Serving over 160 million customers in 10 countries, Ooredoo helps its customers to enjoy the internet through a broad range of content and services via its leading data-centric mobile and fixed networks.
Nomination Category: Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Achievement in Women-related Corporate Social Responsibility

Nomination Title: Ooredoo Oman Incubators for Women

Describe for the judges the CSR activities of the nominated organization that have advanced the well-being of women of any age, outside the workplace, since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Ooredoo Oman is part of Ooredoo Group, a leading international communications company operating in markets across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Ooredoo’s Musannah incubator programme is a key pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive, which is a cornerstone of the company’s commitment toward the community and is geared toward advancing socio-economic development and enriching peoples’ lives.

The Musannah incubator programme was developed and launched in partnership with the Oman Women’s Association with a focus on empowering the female workforce. The incubators seek to enhance women’s’ skillsets and help them achieve their full potential so that they can be part of Oman’s thriving entrepreneurial community by discovering new means of income generation.

The programme has equipped women from different walks of life with the necessary skills to establish and succeed in managing their own enterprises. It has also provided skills training in a wide range of disciplines including Information Technology (IT), beauty, cookery and other vocational disciplines that have helped to set up their own business.

Till date, Ooredoo has organised nine entrepreneurship incubator programmes that have trained over 3,150 women. The programmes have seen significant success, especially in Qurayat, Manah and Bahla, that have seen over 2,000 graduates.

In 2018, the company has plans to open four more incubators across Sinannah in Buraimi, Maqshan in Dhofar, Izki and Samail.

Key achievements across Ooredoo Oman’s incubators include:

Al Mussanah
-30 women pursued their own businesses in tailoring, beauty salons, kitchens and flower and gift stores.
-Over 20 women started their own businesses and more than 20obtained work in the private/government sector

-250 trainees graduated from the programme
-Vocational courses helped women develop essential skills in sewing and cooking.
-Over 24 women started their own business in tailoring / kitchens, and more than 250 handbags were produced in-house

Qarayat incubator
-200 graduates
-Over 22 women started their own businesses, which also focuses on computing/IT skills

Bahla incubator
-1,729 graduates as of 2018 that have all pursued business, including kitchens, tailor shops and niche start-ups in the beauty segment.

Al-Seeb incubator
-63 graduates with various women pursuing Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) business
-In September 2017, it began training sessions in computing & beauty in addition to its focus on sewing and kitchen skills

Dhank, Ibra, Al Awabi and Dalkoot incubators
-60 graduates
-35 started their own SOHO businesses

-More than 180 graduates
-41 women have pursued a business in kitchens and beauty salons.

Al Awabi
-80 graduates with close to all pursuing a business either in tailoring, kitchens, or SOHO enterprises focused on niche fashion or beauty products

-220 graduates
-41 have pursued SOHO businesses

Ooredoo Oman has dedicated significant time and resources toward CSR activities that include capacity building and championing various humanitarian causes across the country.Its other flagship CSR initiative, the Ooredoo Goodwill Journey, sees volunteers travel the length and breadth of Oman on a mission of care, compassion and community support. Dedicating its resources to ensure sustainable impact, Ooredoo’s travelling ambassadors have directly empowered more than 171 groups and 10,000 people since 2005.

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated organization (up to 125 words):

Bushra Al Balushi is a Senior Manager for Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Ooredoo Oman. She is actively involved in developing Ooredoo’s CSR plans and providing strategic direction to ensure that they are aligned with the brand’s communication and commercial strategies.

Her key responsibilities include maximising the impact of Ooredoo’s strategic partnerships, brand programmes and CSR and philanthropic activities by delivering upon agreed milestones, coordinating all CSR and sponsorship-related activities, and supervising all third-party engagements.

Bushra was honoured by Al Mara’ Excellence Awards 2014 in CSR and awarded appreciation from NAWRAS/Ooredoo for outstanding contributions to the people of Oman in the Goodwill Journey & women incubators (2010-2017).