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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions - Best New Product or Service of the Year - Business Products


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Company: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Fremont, CA
Entry Submitted By: Dugan Strategic Marketing
Company Description: Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the leader in the contamination control monitoring industry. It develops contamination control systems -- monitoring the ultra-clean environments needed to manufacture semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and other extremely sensitive products for industries worldwide. It was founded in 1982 by Dr. Tae Yun Kim.
Nomination Category: Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Business Products

Nomination Title: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions – ActiveCount100H Microbiological Sampler

Describe for the judges the nominated product or service, including its features, functions, benefits, and performance to date (up to 525 words). Include in this section the date since the beginning of July last year on which the product or service was introduced to the marketplace:

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. It develops technology that counts micro and nano-scale particles in air, liquid and gas. The company has leveraged its software design, data integration ability and worldwide support offices to provide customers with leading edge contamination monitoring solutions. The Lighthouse Monitoring System and line of airborne particle counters and viable samplers have become the standard for companies, such as Amgen, Baxter, Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Seagate, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, NASA, Raytheon and many more.

After years of seeking industry feedback, and after more than $1 million invested, Lighthouse introduced its ActiveCount100H Microbiological Sampler to the marketplace in November 2016.

Since then, the product was named Controlled Environments magazine’s 2017 “Best Product of the Year” through its Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards highlight the cleanroom equipment readers judge most effective and trusted in their work.

Lighthouse’s ActiveCount100H was also featured on the front cover of Cleanroom Technology magazine as “#1 Microbiological Sampler Product of the Year,” July 2017.

In the world of viable (living particle) sampling, there are three key questions every product purchaser should ask: Is the sampler compliant with industry guidelines? Is it compatible for its intended environment? How easy is it to use and to maintain?

Several companies have manufactured products addressing one or two of these concerns, but no product available to the industry has achieved all three. Lighthouse specifically developed the ActiveCount100H to be effective in all three areas. This is what sets this product apart.

Within the industry, particle sample collection is considered through both physical and biological efficiencies and on selecting an appropriate microbiological sampler. Lighthouse’s range of microbial air sampler units have been designed to meet industry guidance set down in ISO 14698 (International Organization for Standardization – worldwide federation preparing standards). Surprisingly, not all competitor products meet the ISO standard.

Competing products, using forced air to capture particles, often fail to adequately filter exhaust air. This can cause cross contamination in critical manufacturing environments which can lead to tainted products. The ActiveCount100H uses a HEPA filtered exhaust to ensure cross contamination does not occur. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air)is a mechanical airfilter designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles which pass through it.

Unlike other units built say, with plastic, Lighthouse constructed its product using 316Ll Stainless Steel on key components, ensuring its compatibility with corrosive cleaning agents the pharmaceutical industry uses to maintain its cleanrooms.

Lastly, its interface was designed with simplicity in mind. An operator can learn how to use the instrument in under 10 minutes. This level of simplicity reduces operator use errors.

Competing products have focused only on one or two key areas over the past few decades, no product has addressed all three industry concerns. Lighthouse assembled years of direct feedback from customers regarding what they desired in a microbiological sampling unit -- and designed that into the ActiveCount100H.

It has received substantial acclaim because it is ISO compliant (it will not contaminate critical environments), it is easy to use, and easy to clean and maintain.Lighthouse is proud to have introduced the ActiveCount100H.

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the team that developed the nominated new product or service (up to 125 words):

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, Chairman and CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, utilizes constant proactive vision in leading her company. Her complete analysis of the market and identification of a niche for a more superior, high-quality, industry compliant microbiological monitoring system, led the company to research and develop the ActiveCount100H Sampler. Dr. Kim founded Lighthouse in 1982. It is the world’s leading supplier of real time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. Today, it conducts business in more than 70 countries worldwide. Dr. Kim immigrated to the United States in 1969 with $300 in her pocket. She spoke no English. Her discipline, passion, vision, innovation, and hard work have led Lighthouse to become the worldwide leader it is today.