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The Juniper Center - Female Entrepreneur of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: The Juniper Center, Park Ridge, IL
Entry Submitted By: Intercultural Talk, Inc.
Company Description: The Juniper Center is one of the largest woman owned therapy practices in the Chicago area with 25 therapists at five locations. We provide individual, family and group counseling and holistic health classes using state of the art treatments and evidence-based practices. Specializations include Trauma Recovery; Addictions Treatment; LGBTQ, Sexuality and Gender; and Relationship Therapy.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services –11 to 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: Dr. Margo Jacquot of The Juniper Center Taps Brain Science to Build Top Counseling Practice

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Dr. Margo Jacquot is Founder of The Juniper Center, one of the largest, woman-owned counseling practices in Chicagoland, providing thousands of hours of expert care to hundreds of clients annually, with 25 clinicians at five locations. Since July 2016 Dr. Jacquot has seen 30% growth in number of clinicians and 25% in annual revenue to over $1M. How? By deepening clinical training to keep up with brain science, speaking publicly as a leader around LGBTQ and Transgender issues and by mentoring others to build their businesses.

Brain science changes daily.

Jacquot’s secret to sustained growth has been to expand services with clinicians trained to match needs of community and reflect the newest advances in brain science. Jacquot has clinicians trained state-of-the-art, evidence based practices that provide a new approach to help people with mood disorders, trauma, addiction and more.

Jacquot shows her savvy as a business owner by responding in real time to industry changes. For example, “kink” is no longer pathologized in the DSM-5 (the American Psychological Association’s big book of diagnoses). She has additional certified sex therapists for expertise for this community.

Jacquot is also up-to-the-minute on healthcare legislation. Over the past year Dr. Jacquot continued to develop a successful private practice in the face of massive changes in healthcare. She is known as one of the most insurance friendly therapy providers.

Leader in LGBTQ and Transgender Inclusion

As conversation around LGBTQ and Transgender issues has increased so has Dr. Jacquot’s national presence as a thought leader. In August, 2016 she presented to her local Chamber of Commerce on Gender, LGBTQ and your Business, in a talk designed to help business owners understand new laws around gender neutral bathrooms. The event also provided a safe space for business owners to ask questions about being inclusive to all. In the past year she has presented this talk to other professional associations and is a regular “go to” subject matter expert for reporters from the Chicago Tribune and other media outlets on topics related to LGBTQ and Transgender.

Entrepreneur as Mentor

What makes Margo extraordinary as an entrepreneur is her sense that there is plenty of work to go around. Jacquot, a 2016 Woman of Influence honoree from the Chicago Business Journal for her mentoring work, initiated new, free, Professional Networking and education events. Topics range from Navigating Stigmatized Death, Helping Parents and Families with Gender Creative Children and Understanding HIPAA, to the recently “sold out” Marijuana, the Brain and Legalization. All feature guest speakers as another way this savvy entrepreneur works to build referrals while helping others.

Outstanding Entrepreneur

Jacquot brings a lot to the table with specialized training and certificates in evidence based practices: EMDR, CSADC, BCETS. This year she started a three-year program for Somatic Experiencing certification. She stays current with industry science, cares about creating a collaborative environment to staff and never misses a chance to mentor others. Science is now affirming what Margo has always known—the brain, nervous system; thoughts and behaviors, mindfulness they all work together comprehensively. How exciting that being the best that there is and truly helping people is driving her amazing success as an entrepreneur.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated entrepreneur (up to 125 words):

Dr. Margo Jacquot is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CertifiedSupervisory Addictions Counselor (CSADC)and Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS). She is a national lecturer on trauma recovery, substance abuse, LGBTQ issuesand working with couples. Dr. Jacquot has taught graduate and post-graduate courses in treating trauma, substance abuse, couples and families and LGBTQ affirmingtherapies. She is Certified in EMDR (Eye MovementDesensitization and Reprocessing), a powerfultreatment to help people resolve anxiety, panic, depression, phobias, stress and trauma.

Dr. Jacquot provides clinical consultation to othertherapists regarding treatment as well as mentoring around private practice development. She consults with businesses and community regarding behavioral health and healthy workplace policies. Dr. Jacquotserves on several boards and as Treasurer ofthe Illinois Psychological Association.