Ithraa Consulting Group

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Company: Ithraa Consulting Group, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Company Description: Ithraa Consulting Group (ICG) is Saudi's company founded in 2008 and located in Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ICG business field is projects development and consultancy. ICG has its own project which is CYM forum (Choose your major) which is the biggest forum in Middle East and has entered Guinness world records 2016.
Nomination Category: Company/Organization Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Company of the Year – Consumer Services – 10 or Less Employees

Nomination Title: CYM forum and CYM test (Choose Your Major)

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated organization since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Ithraa Consulting Group activities were organizing the CYM forum which was held in 5 cities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past 5 years.

This forum contributed the youth age between 15 and 25 years old by supporting the relocation of jobs through vocational guidance and education programs offered through its activities organized over two days with the participation of more than 120 experts and consultants in various fields. The attendance was free of charge in 5 cities.

Also, it contributes in delivering the Ministry of education and Ministry of Labor programs to 88% of the youth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It helps in employing more than 2500 person over the Kingdom. In addition the forum assists for more than 22% of students in careers and vocational guidance instead of studying in universities.

CYM forum is the biggest forums in the Middle East attended and won a series of international awards in quality, and has entered the Guinness world record 2016 in social media.

The hashtag CYM forum 2016 (#CYM_forum) has recorded: 16,172,808 reach and 53,337,548 impression.

The hashtag I reach (#I_reach) also in the CYM forum 2016 has recorded: 24,974,261 reach and 53,337,548 impression.

The aim of the CYM forum is to plug the gap between education outputs and labor market requirements and to guide students toward appropriate and professional career choices.

CYM forum has enhanced the private sector's role in creating job opportunities for Saudi citizens. Also, it helps in developing internal and external efficiency of the education and training system

The contribution in the internal training system was through providing a life workshop during the forum to teach the participants the followings:

a- write a CV
b- pass a professional interview ,
c- personal marking
d-improving job skills.

As for the accomplishments, ICG has provided the CYM test for the undergraduate students to determine the academic major. This test was created by international professional experts in determining the suitable education and professional major. The test provides the students suitable academic and professional major through a detailed report on the students' personality type, strength and weakness. A definition of the students' innate characteristics and potentials, A list of academic major that suits the students' personality and available jobs in the market as well. It also provide and explanation about the student's professional and functional preferences based on the suitable majors for the students and disseminating awareness of program and mechanism for building a knowledge society through media and workshops.

Over 145,000 students have done this test to determine their major and more that 19 countries have benefited from the CYM test services.

The CYM test participated in Wise international Conference for innovation in education and has earned the honor the best test in the world.

please visit CYM website:

ICG has also accomplished a new consumer product which is CYC test (Choose your career). CYC test is created to provide professional support to human resource managers in companies, recruiting agencies and consultancies to determine suitable jobs that fit the candidates' qualifications and skills as it is important to choose the right person in the right place.

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the nominated company (up to 125 words):

- Name: Noha Al Yousef
- Chief Executive officer and founder for Ithraa Consulting Group.
- The ex-president of Young Business Women Committee in Jeddah.
- Consultant in the field of education and vocational guidance for many government and private sectors.
- Founded CYM international project for career and vocational guidance, which has reached more than 19 countries around the world.
- Founded and launched the initiative CYM (choose your major) forum
- Founded 7 institutions and commercial companies successfully in the KSA.
- Holds trophy from HRH Prince Khaled Al Faisal for being behind one of the best projects for youth
- Holds trophy for being the youngest and best director
- 1st woman in GCC holds trophy for outstanding achievements and appreciation

Choose one (even if both apply): The CEO (or other principal manager) of this company is a woman, and at least 40% of the management team is comprised of women.