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Inspired Results - Female Entrepreneur of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: Inspired Results, Portland, OR
Entry Submitted By: Kinesis
Company Description: Inspired Results is leading the brand management revolution. Our team has spent 60 collective years mastering the print and promotions lifecycle – and apply this expertise to advance marketing, boost business, and increase the bottom line of our clients. Our service-obsessed team is committed to creating comprehensive brand solutions and evolving our industry as a whole.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services –11 to 2,500 Employees

Nomination Title: Amy Tiller: Leading the Brand Management Revolution

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Amy Tiller’s path as a leader in the print and promotional industry has certainly been the road less traveled. In a field traditionally dominated by men who leverage connections, a woman who taught herself in the ins and outs of the trade is a profile that beats the odds. But as her recent cover article in Print + Promo magazine boldly stated, Amy is no stranger to smashing stereotypes.

Amy got her start working for Safeguard Business Systems in 2010. When Safeguard acquired three print and promotional businesses in the Pacific Northwest in 2015, Amy, along with her business partner Phil Odella, bought not one, but all three companies. While others might cower at the logistical, structural, and cultural challenges involved, Amy embraced them with her entrepreneurial spirit. She used her previous mergers and acquisitions expertise to unite these companies into one solid organization that would shake up the industry: Inspired Results.

Since its official launch in 2016, Amy has propelled Inspired Results toward a vision that has no holds barred: “to lead the brand management revolution.” Amy strives to blaze new trails for the industry by presenting a unique mix of account service, capabilities, and technological solutions for clients.

Among these technological solutions is an innovative platform that debuted in late 2016. Inspired Results launched the Brand Arsenal—a digital tool which has helped clients grow, advance their marketing, and streamline their processes. The outcome: Inspired Results signed on significantly larger clients and saw a 35% increase in organic growth over the past year, with a gross margin growth of 25%. As another testament to their success, Inspired Results was deemed the 2017 Best of Print and Digital Winner by Butler Street—an award based on NPS scores and client ratings.

Amy knows the secret behind her company’s fresh ideas is diversity. Not only is Inspired Results equipped with an entirely female IT team, the majority of their entire staff in their Portland and Seattle offices is female at 52% of employees, with ample opportunities for advancement.

Amy says, “We look different—and that is because we want to disrupt the industry. The field has been the same for so long, and we know there’s a better way to do it. By raising the bar, we’re helping clients advance their marketing, boost their business, and increase their bottom line.”

Amy deeply believes in women’s empowerment on a professional and personal level. As a gay woman, the independent yet overlapping parts of Amy’s identity have prepped her to face challenges and to break down barriers. But at the end of the day, Amy’s primary inspiration for shaking up the status quo is her wife and daughters.

“I have three daughters. I think about—what is the nature of the workforce that I want them to go into? There’s an entirely different perspective that women bring to the table and from those whose voices haven’t been heard as much. Empowering women in organizations only makes us stronger.”

Provide a brief biography of the nominated entrepreneur (up to 125 words):

As Co-Founder and President of Growth for Inspired Results, Amy Tiller’s larger purpose is to lead the brand management revolution by tackling the changing environment of the printing and promotions world.

Amy’s expertise in strategic planning, vision execution, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit has lead to success in multiple business ventures and garnered national recognition. Unafraid of challenging the status quo, Amy brings a career of forward-thinking to Inspired Results. Amy sees the whole point of founding Inspired Results is to disrupt an industry—and Amy’s unique background and ability to see beyond today is helping Inspired Results do just that. When she is not challenging norms, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and hanging out with her wife and daughters.