FivePointFour Holdings Pty Ltd

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Company: FivePointFour Holdings Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Company Description: FivePointFour is one of Australia's leading wellness businesses, providing results focused, home delivered meal plans. FivePointFour, based in Qld, has been established for almost three years now , and delivers to the east coast of Australia. The business has appeal to those who are health conscious, in training, professional athletes or who are time poor.
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Nomination Title: FivePointFour Fastest Growing Company of The Year

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated organization since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words). Begin your essay with the following two figures, in percentage terms: Year over year revenue growth: Year over year employee growth:

Revenue growth 142.0018%
Employee growth 406.6667%

FivePointFour is one of Australia’s leading wellness businesses, providing results-focused, home delivered meal plans targeted at millennials. The Company was founded by Ben Doolan in 2013 and has grown rapidly from having sold approximately 34,000 boxes in FY15 to approximately 85,000 boxes in FY16. The Company is headquartered in Brisbane and delivers its products across Queensland, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne.

FivePointFour provides members with prepared meals with the optimal macro-nutritional content to maximise their results for health and fitness goals. Members typically subscribe for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the goal they nominate. Meal plans include: Men’s Weight Loss, Women’s Weight Loss, Maintenance Club, Training, Muscle Gain and Vegan. Members are typically aged between 18 to 35 and exercise regularly. They view FivePointFour as a community of likeminded, health conscious, lifestyle-focused individuals. Millennials outsource their meal preparation to save time and opt for home delivery over supermarket shopping.

Ben Doolan, founder and creator was working with professional athletes whilst studying health related degrees at University of Qld. Writing diets, skin folds, assessing health risks and it was just not doing the trick. He started cooking individual clients their food. These athletes started performing more effectively, word got out about the service and what do you know? It grew!

Within 3 months Ben was cooking a large amount of meals in his home kitchen. The word of mouth from production was a hit and soon, weekend cooking became week and weeknight work over 80 hours a week.

Ben quickly changed his immediate future plans and pursued a kitchen/warehouse/production role. After a few months of growth and prolonged days of cooking, packing and personally driving meals out to customers, it was time to look for an option that would expand the growth of the company.

Soon, Ben found Tamara Trentain and it was a match made in heaven. An official partnership was reached and the rest is history. Over the last 24 months, Ben and Tamara have grown 5.4 from a Men’s food company to a lifestyle/goal based meal company that caters for both males and females, all body types and lifestyles.

FivePointFour has a vision to change the obesity epidemic in Australia, through our tailored meal plans that are based on individual goals, healthy and affordable. Unlike any other company, FivePointFour provides meals that are not only gender specific but also designed for training, muscle gain and most popularly, weight loss. In the past 24 months, we have serves in excess of 10,000 customers and currently deliver more than 70,000 meals weekly.

One of the reasons for FivePointFour’s growth has been its success in appealing to millennials through word of mouth and via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat).

From day one, 5.4 has had the vision to “equalize nutrition across Australia” and now, it’s changed to “Let’s equalize nutrition globally”. Our vision is to ensure that everyone involved, from staff members to the customers, are happy and confident in their own skin. Further to this, 5.4 has endeavored to change malnutrition in countries overseas by contributing to The Hunger Project.

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Tamara started a marketing agency Mitara Empresa almost two decades ago, where she worked with national and international listed companies, as well as SMEs to grow their businesses. The agency grew to be among the top 2% of Australian agencies. Tamara took on her first sweat equity project in 2014 – healthy home-delivered meal company FivePointFour. The company experienced a 780% growth within the first 12 months of Tamara coming on board. Tamara holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts and has completed a number of business and social media courses, while also receiving mentorship from some of the world’s top business leaders. She is also the incoming President for the Entrepreneur’s Organisation for Brisbane.

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