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ELEInternacional - Multicultural

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: ELEInternacional, Valdosta, GA
Company Description: ELEInternacional is an online training platform to help career-driven men and women learn Spanish and become certified Spanish teachers. In addition to flexible, easy-to-understand curriculum and personal tutors, ELE Internacional also offers University-backed certification from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos to help open new doors and opportunities for professionals.
Nomination Category: Communications & Marketing Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Multicultural

Nomination Title: ELEInternacional

In up to 525 words, tell the judges about the nominated campaign: its genesis, development, planning, commission, and performance to date:

Conceived in January 2016, ELEInternacional embarked on a journey to help native Spanish speakers become certified Spanish teachers, with a University-backed certification from the renowned Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. The brainchild of founder and CEO Ines Ruiz, and a venture developed by Instructional Design and Educational Consulting LLC, ELEInternacional was born from a need to help others become independent and live a life of freedom -- anywhere in the world.

The primary purpose and focus is to help Hispanics become University-certified Spanish teachers so they can teach Spanish abroad and further their career. We made it our mission to seek out Spanish tutors, teachers, and diverse professionals who want to teach the world’s second most-spoken language. And we succeeded.

Our program is unique because we have created practical lessons that are flexible and easy to understand while maintaining the structure and academic integrity of higher education courses. We are also one of the only online Spanish teacher certification programs that are certified by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

We spent a lot of time planning and developing these courses, recognizing the need to have language lessons that were able to be applied in everyday life experiences beyond the classroom. We also wanted to make them interactive, following science-backed statistics that show learning is easier when we are more intimately engaged with the curriculum. We recruited other Spanish-speaking experts to be personal tutors to our users, offering a level of personalized support that extends beyond typical Spanish language programs.

From the time it was founded, ELEInternacional welcomed a large number of people pursuing career advancement as Spanish teachers. Our growth was moderate in our first year, with a profit of just over $100K. Our second year saw us utilizing marketing campaigns, particularly in social media, in a more focused way. Since then, we’ve continued to grow in astounding ways, and from July 2017, we’ve:

-Grown by nearly 900% in revenue since July 2017, crossing the threshold of $1 million in August 2018
-Enrolled more than 2000 paid students in our program since we were founded
-Brought on 5 full-time team members
-Gained more than 35K subscribers to our newsletters
-Expanded our social media reach by almost 2000% total, with 56K on Facebook and 7K on Instagram
-Launched our 300th Facebook ad and passed a quarter of a million dollars spent on online advertising
-Began developing an adjacent language learning app based on our current success

Provide a brief biography of the person or persons who lead the team that created and carried out the nominated communications campaign (up to 125 words):

Ines Ruiz earned two Master's Degrees in e-learning and education by age 26, and was recruited as a professor at Cambridge University. During her time at Cambridge, Ines created the first online environment for Cambridge’s Spanish department. After 4 years at Cambridge, Ines began her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She immediately founded ELEInternacional, an online Spanish language university that equips people to pursue careers as Spanish teachers. As one of the only institutions of its kind certified by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, graduates from ELEInternacional are typically inundated with job offers due to the influential certification. When not empowering thousands to pursue dreams of teaching Spanish abroad, Ines mentors and invests in women-owned businesses intent on changing the world.