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Dstillery - Claudia Perlich

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 American Business Awards

Company: Dstillery, New York, NY
Company Description: Dstillery extracts intelligence from desktop, mobile and location data to match a consumer’s digital journey with their physical actions. We empower brands to reach audiences across Mobile, Desktop and Video at moments that matter with unprecedented accuracy.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Innovator of the Year

Nomination Title: Claudia Perlich - Innovator of the Year

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated woman since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Claudia Perlich, the Chief Scientist at Dstillery, is being nominated for Innovator of the Year in the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business based on her vast contributions to analytics and machine learning in the field of advertising technology, especially her recent contribution to developing Dstillery’s new suite of Digital Intelligence solutions.

Perlich has built her career around driving innovation in data science. Through her work, she has advanced the machine learning and predictive analytics community light-years forward from where it was when her curiosity first motivated her to find creative new ways to use data to effect change in the field of advertising.

At Dstillery, Perlich leads the machine learning efforts that power its ability to help marketers more accurately identify audiences and programmatically deliver them highly targeted and relevant advertising. Combining supervised learning algorithms and second price auction theory, her research resulted in the production of an optimization algorithm for real-time bidding on these advertising opportunities to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time and at the correct price.

Applying Dstillery’s accurate insight into consumer behavior and the predictive models she created to power its core ad targeting platform, over the past year Perlich has devised new models that go beyond digital advertising to impact offline brand marketing and other traditional business challenges. With the company’s new suite of Digital Intelligence solutions, for the first time in the history of marketing, mobile and digital behavioral data are being used in new ways to inform strategy, messaging and planning, and to more precisely deliver traditional, out-of-home, direct mail and digital campaigns. Her contribution to Digital Intelligence has already helped a major handset provider better understand its channel distribution strategy and user adoption rates, and major consumer packaged goods companies have improved their brand messaging and creative strategies based on Perlich’s predictive algorithms.

Perlich has consistently been as much an industry leader as she is an innovator, frequently authoring papers and speaking at various data oriented conferences. Most recently, she was invited to serve on the organizing committee for the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining conference in San Francisco, the premier interdisciplinary conference for bringing together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics and big data. This is the second time she has held such a post at KDD, where she has also won KDD Cup competitions for her work related to movie ratings, breast cancer detection, and churn and propensity predictions for telecom customers.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated woman (up to 125 words):

As Chief Scientist at Dstillery, Claudia Perlich leads the machine learning and analytics behind its programmatic advertising platform. Perlich began her career in predictive modeling at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from New York University, where she teaches at the Stern School of Business, and an M.A. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado. She has authored over 50 articles and speaks at conferences worldwide. Owner of multiple patents and the recipient of several industry awards, Perlich has appeared on Crain’s 40 Under 40 list, Wired’s Smart List and Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People. She currently serves on the steering committee of AI for Good and the boards of Big Data Journal and I-COM Programme.