DMOS - Susan Pieper-Bailey

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Company: DMOS, Jackson, WY
Entry Submitted By: Springboard5
Company Description: Founded in 2015, DMOS was created with a simple desire to innovate outdoor tools for the backcountry to the backyard and everywhere in between. DMOS’ tools are thoughtfully designed, versatile, portable, and built to last. If people can break it, or can’t pack it, DMOS won’t make it. Whether used for home and garden, outdoor or extreme sports, they bring out the professional in everyone.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Products –10 or Less Employees

Nomination Title: Susan Pieper- Bailey: Founder and CEO

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Susan Pieper always had a dream of building a company, but after earning a prestigious MBA from Harvard, she chose a path of marriage and family over pursuing her dream. While she pursued family with a passion, she never stopped working, but instead, held back on being the captain of her own ship and took roles that she felt were more of the “mommy track” variety. She longingly watched her mostly male Harvard classmates start companies and enjoy career success.

Facing the end of a 20-year marriage and having left another job to accompany her family abroad to advance her husband’s career, Pieper realized her time was now or never. In 2015, Pieper’s vision was brought to life with the initial launch of her company, DMOS, and its revolutionary first product, the Stealth Shovel, through a KickStarter campaign. Launched October 2015, the five week campaign succeeded with a pledge of more than 200 backers and over $36,000 to help make her dreams a reality.

Pieper’s divorce, which was happening while she was creating DMOS, was finalized two months after the company’s launch. From there, she embraced the opportunity to become fully committed to DMOS as its owner and its leader. She has overcome all of the challenges that come with funding and running a startup. Pieper feels that founding the company at that stage in life is the ultimate statement of believing in herself, her vision of DMOS, and believing in the new category of tools she is working to create. As DMOS’s leader, no matter how hard her personal life was, she held to her positivity and vision for the DMOS’s employees and vendors. Through DMOS, she is stimulating imaginations and empowering adventures. Her love for the outdoors and the environment shines through DMOS. She has been able to create these tools in a way that has integrity because she makes products that are built to last. While she has been busy defining a new category of tools, Pieper hopes the world will get to know DMOS as a company that stands behind its products to establish lifelong relationships with customers.

While Pieper has been defining a new category of tools, as a business woman, she also finds it very important to help elevate, uplift and serve as a role model for other women. She believes in changing the ratio of companies that are women-launched and led. Also, at the very highest levels of influence in corporate America, corporate boards have typically been poorly represented by women and women-run businesses have not enjoyed equal access to capital. Pieper is determined to succeed to change these ratios and to surround herself with other influential women. Recently, she recruited a former and Microsoft senior manager, Kristie Eggebroten, to be her DMOS business partner and COO. Together, they made a powerful women-owned business team. Pieper’s vision was to build an exciting high-growth company that creates great jobs here in the United States and, because of her decision to recruit a powerful business partner, and others to the team, she has been able to get better, faster, and stronger every day at what she does.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated entrepreneur (up to 125 words):

Susan Pieper founded DMOS Collective and built the Stealth Shovel by observing that traditional driveway and other lawn and garden shovels were wholly inadequate for her teenage son’s trail and snow jump building. Pieper’s experience originated from her entrepreneurial history, as well as her C-level executive positions in other startups.

Prior to DMOS, Pieper worked in finance where she focused on merchant banking and executive recruiting for the world's top hedge funds and, before that, as a strategy consultant at Price Waterhouse and McKinsey & Company. In between these chapters, she worked at venture capital-backed startups and private equity portfolio companies in consumer products, business services and technology. Pieper received her master’s from Harvard Business School and bachelor’s from Ohio State University.