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BioSafe Technologies - Female Entrepreneur of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: BioSafe Technologies, Inc., Denison, TX
Company Description: BioSafe, a women owned C-Corp founded and operated by Lynn James-Meyer in 2000 to further research, testing, manufacturing and distribution of a worldwide patented line of products she developed in the 1990's. Key sales from 2003 to date have been from Exporting to Europe. US sales include Amazon in 2015 and launch into major chain of stores 2017. Lynn was awarded Global Exporter of Year in 2016.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Products –10 or Less Employees

Nomination Title: Lynn James-Meyer, CEO

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Why should Lynn be considered Entrepreneur of the Year? Lynn is the founder and CEO of BioSafe Technologies, Inc., a manufacturing, marketing and distribution company. She is a woman driven by a humanitarian spirit and strong initiative to make a positive contribution to the world. With limited corporate experience she proceeded to create a path to success after developing non toxic insecticide formulations in Brazil. She achieved worldwide patent protection with 24 patents being granted in addition to multiple trademarks. Lynn employed 2 personnel and outsourced from experts in various industries. She negotiated with an international raw material manufacturer to purify an ingredient which she later patented for exclusive use by her company. She further developed a branded line of products for domestic and worldwide marketing.

Lynn's lice shampoo formulation is presently one of the world’s leading natural products for headlice treatment.

Lynn initiated sales in the domestic market via website, independent pharmacies, clinics and on Amazon. In late 2016 her products, which she trademarked under the name Schooltime, were accepted into the US Kroger chain of stores and first launched on the shelves in June of 2017. This included 3 formulations from her line of children’s nontoxic headlice products with an additional 2 products being added in the later part of 2017.

Lynn has maintained oversight over the product manufacturing, negotiated foreign distribution contracts and successfully developed an exporting company. Product is shipped in bulk containers to major European pharmaceutical companies for further branding and private label packaging. Her company was accepted in the US Export Import Program offering specialized insurance and other overseas protections. Exporting continued to grow exponentially, and due to Lynn’s careful oversight, every foreign purchase order since commencing exporting has been delivered in full and on time.

Her products became #1 in Europe for 3 consecutive years.

In October 2016 Lynn received The Global Exporter of the Year Award from the Global Commerce, an international organization assisting exporting companies.

Lynn also founded and is CEO of Natureza, Inc., a private research company. During her early work in Brazil, Lynn discovered a compound showing unique healing properties. She wished to advance that research and commenced testing with a scientist from a UK University who shared interest in her work and commitment for making a positive contribution for humanity.

The new project brought forth extraordinary findings. In 2016-17 Lynn obtained new US and foreign patents on formulations developed for treating bacterial and parasitic infections that have become resistant to traditional medications. This technology offers a huge lifesaving contribution, a paradigm shift to the medical community at a most critical time when the world is facing a crisis from fast growing resistance of bacteria and parasites to drugs traditionally used for life threatening diseases.

Lynn, following the inspirational motto, “people who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it,” has certainly proven to be a Top Pioneer and Entrepreneur in Business and one who has affected most positive industry changes by promoting safe nontoxic products for use as pesticides and in medicine at a time when traditional treatments are losing effectiveness.

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Lynn James-Meyer is founder and CEO of BioSafe Technologies, Inc. creating safe insecticide and medicinal formulations.

During the 1990’s while in Brazil, Lynn joined a research team seeking nontoxic insecticides and was instrumental formulating several alternatives for use on humans and animals. She obtained 24 patents, sponsored clinical trials in three countries, received a European registration and negotiated contracts for worldwide exporting. Domestically, Lynn developed a children’s product line under the trademark “Schooltime” sold on Amazon and in 2017 into the Kroger chain of stores.

Building upon her success, Lynn fulfilled her lifelong dream in 2016-17 when obtaining worldwide patents for new and innovative antibacterial formulations. These offer a breakthrough at this time of global crisis from bacterial and insect resistance to antibiotics and pesticides.