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Bendalls Group - Most Innovative Woman of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Company: Bendalls Group, Sydney. NSW Australia
Company Description: Bendalls Group works with behavioural psychologists to deliver true word of mouth advocacy, customer community groups, social media strategies, social media content creation, social reputation, implementation and social search optimisation. We specialise in business strategy, e-mobile, digital research and advocacy.
Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Most Innovative Woman of the Year - Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

Nomination Title: Fi Bendall, Chief Executive

Describe for the judges the activities and accomplishments of the nominated woman since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words): Text Redacted For Publication

Fi Bendall is a whirlwind of action and ideas. Whether drilling down into the finer details of a social media plan or bringing together Australia’s leading business and parenting networks, she is always thinking about ways to maximise outcomes for her clients.

As the chief executive of Bendalls Group, Fi leads her team of employees as well as a support crew of global consultants and freelancers. Bendalls Group has helped clients big and small manage the process of digital transformation, with a distinct focus on value creation through business strategy, e-mobile, digital research and social media advocacy.

Her greatest passion when it comes to business is the intersection between behavior and technology. Starting her career in the consumer electronics industry in the UK around 25 years ago, she moved onto consultancy work with the BBC and Virgin. During this time, she developed key advocacy programs, with unique IP to be able to identify “effective advocate” employees and / or customers and emotional data solutions.

Her understanding of why and how people use technology has informed her work since. With Bendalls Group, she saw early on the massive impact digital technology and social media was going to have on business. She understood the fundamental shift in thinking taking place online and especially through social media.

In the past year, Fi has concentrated her efforts on creating The Female Social Network (TFSN), which is a collective network of 19+ communities reaching over 2.75 million influential decision makers. It consists of a diverse range of female-led business groups, from parenting through to mentoring networks for professional women.

TFSN acts as a gatekeeper to this highly engaged community of women, allowing unprecedented access to tap into genuinely engaged advocates and influencers. They use the power of their influence to build credibility, visibility and positive brand endorsement resulting in a “word-of-mouth army” that when managed correctly, provides an exponential increase in brand awareness. Through strategic evaluation and deployment, brands can engage with their markets via any number of channels and opportunities.

As a platform, TFSN enables smaller networks through aggregation to increase their clout with potential corporate partners. At the same time, it allows brands to tap into micro nodes of connection through these affiliated networks. It’s a powerful outcome for both sides because it matches needs at scale.

In creating TFSN, Fi recognized that the bloggers, websites and businesses that made up these networks of women had something in abundance brands craved: authentic connections to their member audiences. She also recognized that these networks were for the most part operating at lower levels of scale when it came to dealing with big corporate partners.

By matching these two sides via TFSN, she has been able to create immense value for partner brands in terms of authenticated exposure through a recommendation ecosystem. TFSN builds authentic connections between brands and end consumers. This has all been facilitated through online and digital portals as well as offline networking and education events.

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Fi Bendall is one of Australia’s most respected thought leaders in the digital space. As an expert and pioneer in behavioral digital strategy with over two decades of experience in the tech sector across Europe, USA and Australia, she has a unique insight into what drives digital transformation. Fi leads Bendalls Group, working with blue chip organizations in Australia, from financial services through to retail, FMCG and B2B. She is also the founder of The Female Social Network and a board director of financial services firm Judo Capital and education software company Prevent and Protect. Her philanthropic work includes co-founding Generossity, a technology platform that match-makes corporate resources, people and money to small not-for-profits in need.