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Activating Artemis - Women Helping Women – Business

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

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Nomination Category: Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Women Helping Women – Business

Nomination Title: Anita Bentata, Activating Artemis - Helping Women Recover From Domestic Violence From A Feminine Space

Describe for the judges the nominated individual's activities and accomplishments that provided support and assistance to other women since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Anita lived with fear and terror from childhood. After years in a violent relationship, she escaped with her two girls. With a damaged heart, she looked for help to overcome the trauma and ensure it never happened again. It took time to find a therapist who knew how to work with the involuntary impact from developmental trauma and domestic violence; or how to resolve these traumas.

Her approach is a 3x3 model: providing real prevention; constructive intervention; and healing: to create effective and shorter time in therapy/trauma, through survivors, communities and professionals receiving the skills needed to connect and engage appropriately.

Anita’s skills as a trauma therapist and lived experience, activates the community and survivors, through the necessity of everyone experiencing brain, body connections and realisation of trauma resolution.


Book - The Wolf in a Suit

An education tool - help understand beyond the superficial and examine all their relationships and unconscious bias using fairy tales.

New Voices and Answers to Domestic Violence

Event – delivered learnings via Feminine Principles on how to activate/protect self, children, future self, friends/family and colleagues/staff. Was an intimate space with ninewomen attending, with plans to grow it to accommodate more.

Feminine Principle

Most DV events feature experts on a stage and a passive audience – masculine-styled events missing the audience holds pieces about the issues and solutions but aren’t included in a collaborative process. Feminine principle is inclusive, respectful, collaborative, flexibly responsive and transparent. It is raw, real, fun and inspiring.


Anita is the driver of a petition to the Victorian Government (Australia) to urgently stop domestic violence perpetrators from accessing victim “safety hubs” – at 26,000 signatures.

Membership site

In development – help women globally who don’t have access to trauma/abuse counselling, due to geographic location, post-traumatic stress disorder, trust issues and financial restraints. An affordable platform to give access to her skills and expertise with quality and long-term support, along with comprehensive resources with videos, audios and designing handouts are being developed.


Two MeetUp groups - one for survivors and one for all women. Many women cannot afford therapy, and many don’t know how to prevent abuse for themselves/loved ones, or to help someone they know who is currently trapped in abuse. This is an affordable and relevant support to help women take decisive action to leave violence or how to heal. Over 730 women are part of this community of education and social events.

Big Hearted Woman ‘Support Sisters’ Volunteers

Developed out of the desire for women to not be alone at court and without an advocate. This online 10-week program ends with a weekend retreat, and with the option to become a Support Sister and attend court in your local area with a woman or become a ‘support sister’ for a woman in their local community.

Working bees

As part of the MeetUp groups, members support other women in need, giving their time to help women move home, clean up, and support in any way possible to create beautiful safe homes. Women helping each other, empowering them to ask for help and accept help, but also to give help.

Provide a brief biography of the nominated individual (up to 125 words):

Anita is an inspirational keynote speaker bringing a new perspective to the epidemic of domestic violence. She’s a therapist specialising in trauma and consults, is a panel expert, workshop facilitator and professional development educator.

Author of The Wolf in a Suit, advocate for women impacted by domestic violence. Anita runs a large survivor’s group in Melbourne Women Starting Again.

Anita trains community members to become aware and active supports in their community and family and works directly with professionals, community members and survivors.

Anita brings a clear-cutting edge approach to address and fill the gaps in the current dissociated social response.