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Yapi Kredi Bank - Sales Growth Achievement of the Year

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Company: Yapi Kredi Bank, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Division/Group: Yapi Kredi Bank
Company Description: Yapi Kredi, the fourth largest private bank in Turkey with TL 223.8 billion of assets (USD 83.1 billion), has been dedicated to deliver since its establishment in 1944. One of the 10 most valuable brands in Turkey, Yapi Kredi is a strong franchise with inherent culture of customer-centric core banking focus, innovative banking technologies and sustainable value generation.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Growth Achievement of the Year

Nomination Title: Yapi Kredi Bank Customer Relations Center Sales Growth

Tell the story about how your organization has improved its sales growth since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Begin the essay with the percentage growth in revenue and/or units during that period, over the prior year. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Founded in 1944 as Turkey's first national private bank Yapi Kredi, focused on retail banking, is Turkey's fourth largest private bank with its size of assets. Also , One of the 10 most valuable brands in Turkey, Yapi Kredi is a strong franchise with inherent culture of customer-centric core banking focus, innovative banking technologies and sustainable value generation.

Yapi Kredi Customer Relations Center provides multi-location (3 locations: in Gebze,Samsun,Izmir) 24/7 customer service through 1,500 employees, both in Turkish and English. In 2016 for the first nine months, Customer Relations Center handled over 68,8 million contacts via phone, chat, e-mail and IVR.

The Customer Relations Center also acted as a strong sales channel,

During 2015 with 6 million total outbound calls and 3.7 million sales and 17% increase compared to 2014 respectively.

During 2016 with 16 million total outbound calls and 5,1 million sales and 36% increase compared to 2015 respectively.

In 2016 We increased our sales with the project “Growth in Sales” up to 36% compared to the last year.

In 2016 with the Growth project, we increased sales teams headcount and gathered all of our outbound teams in one location and in our new location we established “Izmir Customer Relations Center”, our sales hub. Now with 462 agents in Izmir Customer Relations Center for outbound activities. We increased our saleable product range from 35 to 82 different products. And we increased our share in the bank on strategic products from %9 to %20.

In 2017 we opened SME Customer Relations Center and started to sell commercial products to our SME customers. Now we are selling 22 different products with our team consisted of 50 agents.

Besides increase in our sales, as a consequence of headcount increase, we made significant changes in our training, sales and management strategies. We created expertise desks. Therefore, the agents who are experts in their fields are selling our bank’s strategic products and sales performance is being monitored by the managers who are experts in their fields. And parallel to our growing sales figures, we have started our sales academy program as a first sample in sector for training sales HERO’s.

Apart from sales activities, our whole team are working on how to sell our products more effectively and taking an active role in all processes such as data selection, preparation of more effective scripts ,etc..

At the same time all of our outbound agents are capable of selling other saleable products. They offer other saleable and useful cross-sell products to our customers besides main product sales. For example; when we call our customers for a general personal loan sale but the customer needs a credit card so we immediately offer a credit card to our customer and take the application if an available campaign for the application exists on the agent screens.

In 2017 for the first nine months we also exceeded the last year sales figures with 5 mio sales

Each one of two credit cards, 50% of the bank’s credit card sales, and one of six general personal loans in the bank’s sales is sold by Customer Relations Center

We are the only channel of the bank for retention and winback. We convince 7 out of 10 customers not to cancel their credit cards and we retain 2 out of 10 customers who cancelled their cards before.(In 2016 we retained 825K customers and 267K customers winback.

For 2018 we set our target as 1 mil sales for each month together with our professional sales team.