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Company: VIZIO Inc., Irvine, CA
Company Division/Group: VIZIO Contact Center
Company Description: VIZIO's Contact Center is located in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. The site has 200 employees, taking over 2 million contacts a year. Its mission is: To Help People. The VIZIO contact center takes phone calls, chats, emails, along with managing social media sites. While the contact center is in South Dakota, VIZIO's headquarters are located in Irvine, CA.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Manager of the Year

Nomination Title: Mira Anson

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

VIZIO’s Dakota Dunes Contact Center has many, really good Managers. Choosing the one we would call Customer Service Manager of the Year, was really difficult…until we reviewed Mira. Mira Anson is different than the rest.

While everyone else did an outstanding job managing their teams, Mira presented a unique style of AGENT DEVELOPMENT along with a whole lot of consistency. Despite taking over a team with a 10 to 7 shift and previously ranked 3rd (out of 5), Mira’s team moved up in the stack rankings to 2nd. Mira could have moved to a more prestigious time and shift, but she elected to stay with her team. The next stack ranking, in July 2015, Mira’s team moved to the number 1 position.

You have to understand something about the way the shift bid/stack ranking works: Stack rank is based on performance. The best/better performing agents rank highest. Those agents then get their choice of shifts. Most agents want the shifts that begin early and end early: i.e. 7-4, 8-5, etc. The point is, Mira took over a team that was not necessarily composed of the highest ranked agents and took them to the number one spot.

Part of Mira’s success is her great attention to detail. Everything she works on is thoroughly reviewed and consistently completed. For example, in addition to managing her team, Mira took over management of the Extended Service Plan (ESP) program. VIZIO offers ESPs at the end of some calls, and both agents and VIZIO can make some extra dollars from the sales. Plus, it’s really great for customers as it protects their purchases for an extended period of time instead of the standard warranty. Mira works regularly with our ESP partner, TWG, to set sales goals. She provides Team incentives to sell certain amounts within the month and works with TWG to provide payout. This isn’t an easy task, which is why it was given to Mira. Since Mira took over the ESP program, ESP sales have increased 20%! Of course Mira’s team leads the current ESP sales competition, too.

Mira is viewed as a high-potential person at VIZIO and she views her team the same way. Every Holiday is celebrated on Mira’s team. She enlists the talents of her agents to transform the area into a theme. When one Holiday ends, they begin planning for the next.

Mira’s weekly one-on-ones with her agents aren’t your typical “sit in an enclosed office and review a piece of paper”. She uses the time to get to know them better. She often goes on walks with them around the site, to the cafeteria, etc. By doing this, Mira gets them away from their work area, which makes the agents more comfortable. They have deep, meaningful discussions. She understands what’s going on with each one. She fosters more than a Manager-Agent relationship, she builds an accord. Harmony. That’s Mira’s team

And then there’s “Mira Market”. She literally has a “retail store” setup within her team, which includes anything from Silly Putty to a Star Wars puzzle to mouthwash. As her employees hit pre-determined goals, they are rewarded with “Luis Loot”. Luis is the Team Lead. Agents are able to purchase items within the market using this “Luis Loot”.

There’s more to Mira than just a wonderful Team Manager. Her hidden talent is Extreme Couponing. She purchases the above-mentioned items for little-to-no money using coupons and her ability to find bargains. That means, even on her time off, she’s thinking about her team. That’s Mira.
Walk through her Team’s work area and you’ll quickly feel a vibe of Teamwork and Employee Satisfaction. Everyone works together. Everyone helps each other. Everyone pitches in. Everyone is part of the Team.

Mira genuinely cares. She cares about VIZIO. She cares about each agent. She cares about our Customers. She just doesn’t do or show it like everyone else. And isn’t that refreshing?