Vivint Smart Home - Sales Representative of the Year



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Company: Vivint Smart Home, Provo, UT
Company Description: Vivint Smart Home is the leading provider of smart home services in North America. We deliver an integrated smart home system with in-home consultation, professional installation and support delivered by Smart Home Pros, as well as 24-7 customer care and monitoring. Dedicated to redefining the home experience with intelligent products and services, Vivint serves more than one million customers.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Representative of the Year - Technology Industries

Nomination Title: Chad Oram - Sales Rep of the Year

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Vivint Smart Home is known for fostering healthy competition among its sales reps and often refers to them as “athletes” because of the drive and stamina required to be successful in a highly competitive industry. In 2016, Chad Oram proved to be a star sales athlete, setting a company record for personal sales in a single season.

Record-breaking success
Chad made 450 sales in 2016, setting an all-time record for Vivint Smart Home. Only four other times in the company’s 17-year history has a rep sold 400 or more accounts in a single season. In this season, the closest competitor was more than 30 sales behind him. Chad’s weekly sales were nearly triple that of an average sales rep and his conversion rate was 75 percent higher than the company average.

Award-winning team

For the past two years, Chad has led his team to win the Vivint Cup contest, the company’s annual sales competition. The team beat out 30 other teams in their division. Each team member received a cruise to the Bahamas, as well as $2,000 worth of prizes, including luggage, apparel, shoes, headphones, a long board and camping gear.

To help his team stay motivated during the three-week competition, Chad and his wife served breakfast to the entire team each morning at 9 a.m., complete with eggs, bacon, pancakes and smoothies. During the competition, the team also sold the most accounts per week and had the biggest Saturday out of all the teams in the company.

Exceptional leadership

Chad’s record-setting year is the result of his drive, stamina and unwavering focus on the customer experience. Having managed a team of reps for eight of the nine years he has been at the company, Chad teaches his reps that money and recognition are the byproducts of excellent customer service and long hours of good, hard work. He not only leads by example through his exceptional performance but also trains his teams to focus on the ethics of the job and directly confront any stereotypes customers have of direct-to-home salespeople. He coaches reps to be reliable, candid and trustworthy and to make sure the customer knows exactly what to expect from Vivint Smart Home.

Chad considers mentoring an essential part of his leadership role. He mentored one particular rep for four years, helping him as he struggled in the job. One year the rep was discouraged as he was just two accounts short of a large bonus. Chad teamed up with him for the last two days of the season to help him make the goal.

Customer-centric approach

Chad’s customer-centric approach truly sets him apart from other representatives in the sales industry. He seeks to cultivate a relationship with every customer and often gives out his personal number to call if they have questions. The family of an elderly customer was especially grateful to him after the customer had a heart attack and was able to summon help in time using his medical pendant.

Guiding principles

Growing up, Chad learned the true secret to success from his father, a successful businessman and general manager of a group of popular pizza restaurants. His father taught him to always take care of the customer first. Chad discovered the truth of this guiding principle for himself as a teenager working in his father’s restaurants and waiting tables. He knew upon entering the sales profession that it would have a strong focus on competitiveness, but never lost sight of focusing on the customer. His father passed away suddenly from a heart attack when Chad was 20. When things get hard, he remembers the principles he learned from his dad and works hard to make him proud.